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The index of memories of Hossein  Kharazi

That bitter news

Isfahan kid

Javid`s poems

Hossein ’s birthplace Khoosestan

Future making operations

A repeat birth

Commander’s humility

Honesty and sincerity

That comfortable sleep

A small scratch

Martyrs city

The will

Martyr Safavi

The great position of leadership

 That bitter news

 It was bitter and moving news: it was heartfull for all who knew him even those who had just seen his smile for a second. I am talking about Haj Hossein’s martyrdom, Haj Hossein Kharazi the brave leader of the holly 14th battalion of Imam Hossein.

 He who whenever got news of operation his hands lifted to his side automatically and all the curious minds would say where is Kharazi and what is he doing? And they would be clueless as to how this example of attitude and pain had handled seven and half years of bloodshed, steel and explosions and yet came out brave and with a smile on his face. Apparently the translation of life for this scarce individual was hung from excitement and war and he saw heaven in the shadow of his sword.

 Hossein Kharazi who had not rested even for a moment got over the first few months of victory of the revolution and his heart was not anywhere but the combat zones. It is said that from the year 1358 to the end he had not but once left his duties and that was to visit  the home of the Lord, other than that he did not even stay in Isfahan for ten days.

 In the seven and a half years of his stay in the combat zones of the south and west, he had not even missed one operation. In the Khaibar operation he gave his right arm for the safety of a friend and finally while he was kissing the father of a martyr in the continuation of Karbala 5 operation with the explosion of a bazooka he went to his love.

 Isfahan kid;

 Hossein Kharazi in the year 1957 was born into a pure and religious family in an old part of Isfahan called the street of Seyed mosque. From a very young age sharp memory and intelligence were evident in him. At the same time with his studies he would participate in religious meetings in the mosque.

 After getting his diploma in 1976 he joined the army. But with the start of the Islamic Revolution in 1978 on the command of Imam Khomeini he left the army so he could participate in every event and activity to do with the revolution.

 After the victory of the Islamic Revolution with the membership in the committee of defense of Isfahan his clash with the opposition began in which he played an important part. From the other side he was in the process of trying to get weapons into the defense committee which was later named Revolutionary Guards. Hossein was a very trust worthy individual therefore the responsibility of the committee was also given to him, so he joined the army at the lowest position but soon he was a head and shoulders above everyone else.

 Javid`s poems;

 Towards the middle of February of 1979 when the conspiracies of the opposition in Gonbad and Tuckerman Desert began, he took on the task of neutralizing their attacks. From the county of Isfahan about one hundred guards including Hossein were summoned to the area. Hossein with his confidence and God given abilities was put in charge of the operation. Hossein once again for neutralizing enemy conspiracy but this time in Kurdistan in the final days of year 1979 and  the beginning days of 1980 gave his heart to that unsafe area and delivered some hard blows to the opposition of the revolution.

 Khoozestan the birthplace of Hossein;

 Khoozestan was Hossein’s place of birth. A land where he had waited for. After forty days passing from the beginning of the revolution Hossein Kharazi along with 50 of his troops entered the city limits and in the second half of February 1980 he accepted the command of Darkhoin combat zone.

  In the first year of the war the Darkhoin area had become like a class for struggle and self preparation but the battalion with their heroism and knowledge were able to be victorious. With the completion of this operation at Darkhoin which was at the same time as the dismissal of Banisadr the seed of Imam Hossein type 14 took form, an important step which was taken by 120 of the most experienced fighters. Brothers who were each capable of special fighting skills and running battalions of their own.

 Future making operations;

 The ground work for the operation Samen-al-aemeh for Hossein and his troops was exactly all that they had learnt. The Iraqis on the 28th of August that year took a large operation to the lines of Rezaeeha which was directly after the 21st of Jun that same year in the Darkhoin area. Even though the commanders of this line Reza Balai and Mahmoud Shalbaf had been martyred but the area was saved by Hossein's persistent defense. With his presence at the line at the most important and sensitive times and locations he was able to take back part of the area which was joined to the road and with this victory enabled them to lay out the Hassr Abadan operation  more accurately. To the blessing of their efforts to organize the type of Imam Hossein and for the execution of Tarigh-ol-Ghods operation (conquer of Bostan) the talents of the type reached 15 and division 14 of Imam Hossein was able to officially enter the operation. The division's unity and sincerity to their commander enabled them to conquer the Darkhoin territory for Hossein.

 After the big victory of the operation Tarigh-ol-Ghods the Fat-ol-Mobin operation with the code name Ya Zahra was another test which Hossein proved to be a perfect example of a Moslem commander in action.

 In the Beit-ol-Moghadas operation Imam Hossein's division consisting of 23 soldiers on foot with high capabilities which appeared to be more than a division this again was the reason for another area to be assigned to Hossein which he was in love with.

The two year resistance of the Darkhoin fighters in occupation guaranteed them an area of 40 kilometers of appropriate zone of the Beit-ol-Moghadas (Jerusalem) operation west of the Caroon river .This enabled them to overtake  a considerable part of  the road from Ahvaz to Khormshahr and complete the remainder of the operation with unmatched commanding skills.

 Khaibar was a combat at Talaieh which Hossein gave his right arm for , he himself says : they wanted Malaekeh Allah(angels) to take me to the world above I still was not done with this world but that was all I was worthy of. Passing through Arvandrood  and  occupying  city of  Faav was in 1985 February was the result of the victorious Valfagr 8 combat in which Hossein Kharazi  with a number of divers from the group who had acquired exceptional skills at sea and land operations at Khaibar  and Badr . In the first night of operations they hit the enemy lines and then with a group of twelve he got himself to the main operation which was reaching the important and strategic target of (om-ol-Ghasr) deep in Iraqi soil, and from this difficult and tiresome attack he came out with his head up high.

 Repeat birth:

 The war in 1986 continued  with the international pressures with the guidance and control of America to Islamic  Iran  more than any other time before .In such a difficult and critical situation  Karbala 4 operation on  1986/11/24 in the Khoramshahr and Shalamcheh area began with the goal of getting to Basra .Hossein managed to move through the battalions of Imam Hossein from the most strategic parts near the islands of Bevarin and Amalresas and occupy parts of Iraqi petrochemical industries on the other side of Arvandrood .

 After completion of Karbala 4 operation The Islamic Revolution army of guards at 2.00 A.M managed to begin Karbala 5 operation near Basra. But in the first day of Iraqi chemical bombings about one thousand of Imam Hosseins men were killed or injured “Haj Hossein" by this time had witnessed the death of 5000 of his men which was a terribly heavy load on him.

The burnt lands and smell of martyrdom in the air had transformed Hossein he was completely different from the days before the operations, he would not leave the side of the battalion for a moment finally in the operation Karbala 5 on the 7th of Esfand 1986 he joined the line of great martyrs and had a repeat birth.

 Commander’s humility:

 He was about sixteen years old .A brave fighter who had returned to the combat zone. He had been put as a military police behind the enemy. He had the job of checking the cars passing through.

 Haj Hossein, the commander of the forces along with two other responsible parties in a Toyota had the intention of getting in position, the M.P who was a new arrival did not know them said,

Your I.D card,

Haji replied: we do not have it with us,

M.P said: then you can not enter, one of the others tried to introduce Haji but he signaled them not to so. There was no point to it. The M.P wanted an I.D card. The other one of Haji’s companions who had lost his patients, said: Put the rope down and let us pass my patience is running out.

 The M.P while holding his gun on them, with an angry tone said you are talking too much, get out of the car lay down on the ground and crawl until you become familiar with the regulations. Haj Hossein with his usual humble way told the rest to do as he said and got out of the car. His companions followed and did the same, when they got out of the car the M.P noticed that Haji only has one arm so he told him not to crawl but to sit and stand ten times.

 At this time the M.P's superior who was passing by, saw what happened, angrily he ran towards the M.P and said, step aside, let them enter, and don’t you know he is the commander.

 With hearing this, a feeling of surprise and shame was clear on his face. Haj Hossein without the slightest change on his spiritual face, with a certain kindness hugged the M.P kissed him on the face and said; actually he performed his duty very well. After thanking him for a duty well done they continued on their way.

Humble and honest;

 First "humble" then "honest" were two things Haj Hossein always used with the men under his command.

  When you go to the armory to get supplies never lie or give them wrong information. Tell them exactly what you have. I don't want these kids to eat dreadful food. If you give wrong information it will affect them in combat. When the sky is full of enemy bullets it is only God that can get you to enemy hideouts. If you take more M.P.Gs than you need the guys will be firing them at the skies instead of enemy tanks. They will see the fire and that will rule their hearts. You do your duty and God will fix the rest.

 That comfortable sleep;

It was midnight the fifth stage Ramadan operation. Contact with the groups would not stop for a second. You could not drop a needle in the command centre. All conversations and messages ended with Haj Hossein.

 Dear Amrolah’s voice, Mehdi Zeidi and Movaheddoost was constantly being heard on the wireless. The line breaking battalions had done their duties masterfully. It was morning. The skies were half lit; we said our prayers behind a heap of dirt and got going. We passed the first Iraqi line. The explosions around us would not stop, Hossein ordered us to Holt. Bring the binoculars, we have to see what the guys are doing then we'll move ahead. From the pile where it was the enemy tank station, I quickly ran back and climbed on the pile of dirt. It was really strange Haj Hossein had fallen into a deep sleep. After 48 hours of non stop running and fighting, he had seen the battalion confidently in control and had found some peace and fallen asleep. About a half hour had passed. With the explosion that near us Haji woke and we moved to the front line.

 A small scratch;

 In Talaieh the enemy attacks were getting stronger by the minute. The fire from Iraqi weapons had burnt every inch of the ground, we had all gathered in a hideout for safety. When the firing decreased we came out 5 or 6 of the brothers had been martyred and Haj Hossein's arm had been cut and blood had covered him all over. We asked him; Haji what happened?

 He said nothing, it's a small scratch. All the battalion guys were shocked. We couldn’t believe his arm had been severed .We were all upset. What was Hossein doing under heavy fire? When I compared myself to him I felt small. Iraqis continued firing. The ambulance was weaving in and out of explosions towards the clinic.

City of martyrs;

 Haj Hossein entered the town trench; I hope you are not tired; he said. We were half way to Karbala 5 on the Amalian road. Haj Hossein inspected the remainder of the battalion so he would know how we could continue the operation.

 Our trench was crowded , I came here to sleep for half an hour then go to the region, and he laid beside the trench, and put a blanket under his head and his eye lashes met.

 The officers trench was always busy the phones would never stop, ring after ring. No I can't sleep here either apparently. It’s time to go. Hossein got up, wore his boots like always he tied the laces calmly, looked around and said goodbye. These were the last seconds of the commander in a place he liked the town of Darkhoin city of the martyrs, parallel with Caroon. Two days later there was grieving in the town, Hossein's picture among the battalion martyrs.

 The will;

 In the name of kind and forgiving God.

I give testimony that the word of the innocent is our command and their eternal kindness the reason for the freedom and their opposition awaiting their day of penalty.

 God, peace from darkness and pressure, oh messenger save me on that fantastic day of eternity, oh God I am heart broken and stressed and all I know is your victory and success.

 Martyr Safavi;

 In the presence of God's justice, is the measure of people's behavior and I prefer serving in the combat zone most of all.

I want from God to guide to the road which there is blessing at the end.

 The great position of leadership;

 Officer martyr Muslim and flag holder's death of brother Haj Hossein Kharazi with all his faith and effort to battle the enemies of God took flight in the skies of blessedness.


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