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Index of memories of martyr Mahmoud Kaveh

Biography of martyr Mahmood Kaveh 

Efforts after the victory of The Islamic Revolution

The role of the martyr is the role of special martyrs

Memories from friends 

Specialties of behavior

Another memory

Martyr Kaveh

Candle of history 

The way of martyrdom 

Biography of martyr Mahmood Kaveh

 Biography of martyr Mahmoud Kaveh

In the year 1961 in Mashhad born into a pure and ceremonious family, his father who could be considered a simple trader in the period of oppression was in contact with spiritualists and scientists who were against the regime including martyr Hashemi Nejad and Imam Ayatollah Khomeini. He cared a lot for his son's up bringing, so he used to take Mahmoud to religious meetings and public prayers with him, so he would be familiarized with them from an early age.

Martyr Kaveh spend his primary education in just such surroundings. Since it was his father's wish for Mahmoud to be close to goodness and go to proper Islamic school, he did so and continued to the end of high school.

With the start of the revolution, since he was a clear active and religious young man he started going to the Javad Olelameh mosque and Imam Hasan Mojtaba's which one of the centres for opposition was groups of Shah's regime. He benefited a lot from the teachings of Imam Ayatollah Khomeini and he used to transfer this to other students in his school. In high school he had become known as a pillar of challenge. With love and excitement he would spread Imam Ayatollah Khomeini's flyers and happily participate in the demonstration walks of the revolution period.

 Activities, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution:

 With the victory of the revolution martyr Kaveh was one of the first to join the army of guards of the Islamic Revolution in the holly city of Mashhad and after going through six month training in guerilla war fare he began to train other brothers of Basij. After that for the purpose of protecting Imam Khomeini he was sent to Tehran on a six month operation and with the start of the war he got transferred to the combat zones of the south. After a while because of the serious need for coaches he was sent to Mashhad to train the forces.

  The role of the martyr in the role of special martyrs:

In the continuation of the future making operation of training the forces in different location of Kurdistan and in the same time putting together a special type of martyrs(which the leadership was the duty of martyr Naser Kazemi) martyr Kaveh was chosen as the commander of operations. After a short time of service in his duties (which was freeing of most of the designated locations), the fame of the special type martyrs had the revolution opposites so surprised that they completely lost their confidence, in a way that with each Islamic fighter's attack they would prefer to run than to hold their positions and they knew that resisting would mean nothing but destruction.

Freeing of Bookan damn and the road 47 Kilometers from it, the road from Shaheen Dej to Takab, cleaning of killer area and Eshtozang, freeing the strategic points of Piranshahr to Sardasht which was considered the anti revolution point which lead to the destruction of their communication centre and overtaking of important boarder altitudes, the Alvaton area, freeing of Doleh to prison and killing of 750 anti revolution forces, this was one of the conflicts which took place by martyr Kaveh and his co- fighters, the special type martyrs that they had designed and executed. The number of operations that this martyr led against the anti revolutionists, mentioning of their names would need a special section of its own.

 He who after martyrdom, officers Rashid Islam martyr Nasser Kazemi, martyr Mohsen Ganjizadeh and martyr Mohammad Boroujerdi on Khordad 1983 was officially considered a commander, with a team effort for training forces, there was nothing spared from organizing and preparing of these  forces.

 Based on Talahadid commander of the forces on 1983/6/20 the special type of martyrs got their orders to participate in the interboarder operation of Alfajr 2 which took place in the Haj Omran territory. In this operation martyr Kaveh with his powerful leadership and targets pre-decided managed to take altitude 2519 under his control.

 At the same time as operation Alfajr 4 the clean up operation of Sardasht from house from the presence of anti revolutionists (Democrats and hypocrites) was given to special type martyrs. These brave fighters while taking under control altitudes Sir Mountain, Ghoori, Talsho, the village of Islam Abad they also took under control the communication centre of the hypocrites.

 The special type martyrs in 63 in the operation Badr along with other branches of forces fought to their teeth and in 1985/6/14 manage to disengage the enemie's plans. Also in the operation Valfajr 4 which took place in the Chuarteh region in Iraq. This is on record of heroism of martyr Kaveh and his fighters.

 Memories from friends:

About the martyr, Mr.Saadati says: before the revolution in the spreading of flyers of the Imam our dear martyr Kaveh's efforts were unmatched, one of those times when he had the book Jame-ol-moghadamat in his hand and was busy handing out flyers, suddenly he comes across the police who stop him and say "what is in your hand? Quickly he replied, can't you see, it's a preliminary book, I am a student of theology, and officer took the book and saw that it was a preliminary book and left him alone.

 Wife of the martyr says:

Martyr Kaveh was at the front lines most of the time; he would show his child much love because he would say I will not be around for long. I will soon become a martyr; if I show him a lot of love he will be upset when I die.

 Behavioral specialties:

With the special faith that this martyr had was the reason why he gave himself to the revolution and with the value that Kurdistan had for him he would introduce himself the child of Kurdistan. His spiritual behavior and love for the human race had such an effect on everyone that when he reached the honor of martyrdom the people of Mahabad were marching bear feet and mourning which included hitting themselves over the head and chest, and cursing the enemy.

He with the revolution from word of God among the holly, he was in the hearts and minds of people and had no hopes but to serve the revolution because nothing else had eternal meaning to him.

Martyr Kaveh although spend all his time preparing to fight; he never forgot his religious responsibilities. He was a promoter of the Ghoran and he spoke of Islam with great affection. In reciting about hymns of war from the Ghoran and his presence with the enemy translated his actions.

His attitude of accepting commands and his sharp mind and quick action in armed operations, his heroism, simple life style and sincerity with his forces were some of his personal assets.

Even though he was brave and forward with the enemy but inside the group with his men he was most kind and friendly and he was specially liked among the men. He had a special place in the hearts of the forces. He was honest, straight and to the point in his commanding duties. One of his friends had come to the area one day. One of the brothers requested that appropriate work be assigned to him, martyr Kaveh replied: all Basijis are my family.

For physical readiness he never forgot sports and exercise and with his attitude he would elevate the fighting readiness of the troops, and to encourage the guys he would say "my success in the mountains of Kurdistan was because of exercise". He was a guerilla who had become so in action and not in theory. He had a special psychological and attitude readiness and honest work was the beneficial in his life. Generally he was not very talkative, but a man of action, he continually tried to unite the army and Special Forces and the military also knew him as one of their own.

 His connection with spirituality got his forces to where they would say what to their commander martyr Kaveh: the special type martyrs that he commanded was considered the unit that got things done. He had participated in different operations and he had become very experienced at combat, and discipline, organization of troops, attitude and manners, he was a young man but seasoned and outstanding.

This young man (martyr Kaveh) was an exceptional and self made man that I found. In reality he was self made in attitude, manners and combat.

 Another memory:

Sometimes it would happen that he would come back to Mashhad all injured and beat but as soon as he was needed again on the front lines, he would ignore the doctors and get himself back there night away. In one of his returns one of his supervisors told him to rest and not to go to the front lines for a while, he got so upset and angry that no one dared to ask him that again.

 Martyr Kaveh, the enemy must learn and experience that whatever they try to cook up anything against the Islamic Revolution, awaken and ready force will cancel them at once. The future of the war is clear that victory will be of the Islamic fighters, and would never let the blood of our martyrs go to waste.

 Candle of history:

 Blood of the martyrs whose warm hearts were murdered in the skies of the city, let us appreciate their never-ending efforts so may be we can cleanse ourselves. Let the eternal martyrs of love who are being murdered in the slaughter lines gives us their revenge in our hearts so may be a pointless murder can turn into an eternal martyrdom. They gave their hearts full of love away for nothing; they faced injustice so that we may never know the meaning of helplessness. If they presented us with their faith for ever, they showed us how to die standing. What an injustice it would be to start the night without their memory and the day without a mention of their names.

 One who stood our great Hossein again?

 Moments when we are not even able to complain and our prides and honor are being robbed who brought hope and light to our eyes again except the martyr, who but the martyr believed that life in the black is nothing but fooling ourselves.

For living (and night, for running from death and getting to eternity, only the martyr will go that rout, the sharpness of his, bullets are the lit torch that’s on its way to give God's creation the light of day.

And to the singing heart that's a stranger to morning, and from the end of the branch to the light of sun, the martyr traveled in one night a hundred year journey, the martyr with a heart exploding with faith, in the depth of dark belief his soul searches freedom, a heart as warm as the sun sat murder, in the straights of fountains of blood the wrinkled figures straightened out.

From the excitement of martyrdom rose another dagger, I do not believe the death of any martyr, with the martyr I always believed that home is never empty of freedom thoughts, we and the martyr again believe that the end of his night is moonless, and the chance of the anger for the martyr is in our hearts, which makes me want to sacrifice my whole being for faith and the strength of all martyr brothers. The colored figures full of scream, which I feel shame for their greatness and shame for still not blessing them whole heartedly.

Now, you who are intimate, witness to each Ashura martyr, for each sacrifice to one self that today its your red blood that boils in the street, it is your heart.

 Watch all of them and be proud of yourself and now in each of our hearts a martyr, a witness that’s breaking, sitting endlessly awake and connecting with a martyr for ever. We don't believe in the death of any martyr, all the fallen petals of the flower in the wind.

 From the cup of martyrdom they are all giddy 

Their thoughts whisper of the mid night giddy

So not to say they are forgotten from the mind.

 Way of martyrdom:

The month of Shahrivar 1986 a day when the soul of this brave Islamic soldier in the operation of Karbala 2 on the heights of cliffs 2519 Haj Omran took flight, the mountain and rocks recorded the memory of his bravery, for that day Kaveh got his pay for war, martyrdom and got called to eternity.

His special qualities shined all during his service, and his different responsibilities a lesson for all soldiers of Islamic Revolution, so that their actions and attitudes a sample of respected forces, and prepare themselves to defend Islam and its values at all times.



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