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Index of memories of Martyr Mohammad Ebrahim Hemat


Banner to the sign of freedom

A look at Hemat's life

A few memories from Mohammad Ebrahim's life

He learned bravery from the Imam

Talks with martyr Hemat's wife


Banner to the sigh of freedom;

 Now that years have passed from the time when the cities and towns of this land smelt of gun powder, now that we are in tranquility after that big storm and we are just happy being here, talking and listening to qualities and features of men unlike war is not like the legendary poems of ancient Iran. Sometimes these tales at first look may even remind us of Iraq also. But with a close look we can notice undeniable facts. Facts that carry eight spring, eight destroyed years in our Islamic Revolution. In the noisy war period this was not possible but now that the dust has settled, take a look at the holly Ashuraei defense and be proud.

Now one of these great men is among us who with his honor put his and Islamic Iran's name on everyone's mouth.

 Mohammad Ebrahim Hemat that great name that has been in the heavens for years and his eternal memory in the holly defense will always be remembered. These series carries the blessing and good luck that his dear name brings.

 A look at Hemat's life;

 Mohammad Ebrahim Hemat was born in 1955 in the Ghamsheh city of Isfahan. His family made their living from farming and Mohammad from a very young age helped his parents in their work. After his primary education he joined the teacher’s university and then the army. He picked up the valuable job of teaching in the villages after the army. These years were concurrent with the years of demonstrations against the Shah's regime. Hemat who himself was from a poor and  misfortunate family he stepped right into the secret war against the regime and because he was young and intelligent he stood out so his order of execution was soon issued , but he did not stop fighting until he tasted the sweetness of success with the people.

 After the revolution with the beginning of the war he felt he had to be present in the thick of combat, and with the heroisms and intelligence that he showed he was soon made the commander of guards in Paveh. Hemat for the hard hits that he had delivered on the enemy became one of the biggest names in the war, and gradually became the commanding officer of battalion Rasulolah.

Hemat at the age of 26 went to visit Haj and it was after this that his name became the deserving Haji. He got married in the year 1981and the result of this union were two boys with the names Mehdi and Mustafa although these children had not felt the presence of their father in the combat of  Isle of Majnoon on the 7th of March 1981 he got his wish and became a martyr.

 A few memories from the life of Mohammad Ebrahim;

 Hemat and his love for martyrdom; he was sitting in the stairway tears pouring out of his eyes, he said "they were aiming at me but they hit Ghazanfar". Like something had occurred to him, he wiped his tears got up and said,” They think they can stop us by killing me" he stepped forward. He held my hand pressing it and said "I'll show them" and he left the house.

Serving the people is as follows!

 For two hours I held the screw tight with the screwdriver. The electric motor had to stay on so people could watch the movie. I don't know what the problem was. It kept turning off and I was in charge of keeping it on, I kept saying Ebrahim "let's repair it later " he insisted they had to see this movie today he was putting the electric motor in the back of the car he wanted to go to the next village, he said there are a lot of people there that want to see this movie. I put my hand on his shoulder and said brother you have been showing movies for two years they already know everything about the revolution you should go to Paveh.

 Hemat was a man of combat. The first term of Islamic Republic congress was about to take form. I told Ebrahim get prepared people want you, several times I had spoken about it but no answer from him. That day he said "I can't I can’t change the guy's goodbyes at the night of operation with anything in the world"

Was Hemat claiming to be surprised?

 "Daddy if you are a good boy you'll be born today otherwise I'll be worried about you ". As soon as he said that I got upset. He fastened his buttons, gave Mehdi to one of the neighbors and we went to the hospital. On the way he was more anxious than me. When Mostafa was born I came home, I couldn’t stay there because Ebrahim was home, and he came out of the room he had cried so much his eyes were all bloodshot. He sat next to me and said "God has made me ashamed tonight when you were out I made a few wishes to God. One that I am never in a country that does not have Imam's breathes even for a second. Then I wished for you and two boys. That's why both times I knew what out child was. I was sure God wouldn’t let me down. Then I asked not to be captured or die .Just wanted to be martyred."

 In waiting for union;

 He put his hand in the soil and said "this last operation that I am fighting in ". He was not the Hemat of a few days ago. He seemed preoccupied. He always used to say "I want to take so much pain that all my sins are cancelled.” He’d say "I want to live long so I can serve Islam.” But these days he used to be ashamed of the children. He'd say "I can't see their corps”. Staying had become difficult for him. I said "what kind of talk is that Haji? Whoever talked like that before you would tell them not to, now you are doing it. It was like pain had taken over him, he tighten his fist and said "no I am sure".

 Hemat, Abbas good fortune;

 Mr. Morteza! Send someone to the front lines to see what is going on. Whoever went did not come back and that three way which is now called Hemat three ways, seldom any one went and came back in one piece. Mr. Morteza put his head down and said "I don't have anyone else to send I am sorry."Haji got up and said. "Seems to be God's will". They got on the motorcycle with Mirafzali and left. Iraq was moving forward. Zojaji had died and Karimi was on the line. From the intense heat the guys were filling their water containers from the Hoor where the corps was. He sat on one of the stairs that was open with 7 or 8 water containers in his hand. He moved the water with his hand and moved forward in the middle under fire where the water was cleaner. He filled the containers one by one and came back.

 Day of the union;

 We jumped of the bike and moved the corps so it wouldn’t get smashed. He had on a blue windbreaker and tiger pants. He had a small body but we couldn’t tell who he was, his face was gone. The meeting place didn’t feel normal everyone felt nervous. I moved the white canvas but Haji wasn’t there either. He pulled one of the guys towards him and quietly asked have you seen Haji? I heard he was martyred. No that wasn’t possible I had talked to him an hour before. I looked at the hideout and jumped on the bike to back the way we came. There was no corps but there was blood on ground where one had been dragged. They said go back to the ascension you might find a clue there , the blue windbreaker and tiger pants ,I opened the zipper , brown sweat shirt and a flash light, I had seen them with Haji before the operation . I had no more doubts. Air was heavy. No one seemed like themselves. Haji was in the back of the ambulance and the commanders behind them. Pity I couldn’t see Haji one more time, seemed like the buildings were getting taller in his honor, on the way back it all seemed short again.

 He learned bravery from the Imam;

 The radio gives the hand piece to Haj Hemat and say's “they want you "he takes the phone and say's" Hemat over". At that moment a rocket comes screaming, the radio controller gets scared. The sound of the screaming rocket has terrified him. The rocket explodes a little distance away. The terrifying sound of the explosion makes his ear drums shake and the ground swings like a baby's crib. The thick dust and hot quivers spread towards them. All this happens at the wink of an eye, Haj Hemat without the slightest movement, with a smile on his face continues the conversation with the radio operator. The operator is on the ground with his hands on his ears, when the dust dies down he remembers Haj Hemat. He gets up, and when he gets eye to eye with Haji he puts his head down in shame thinking. He is thinking of his cowards and Haji's bravery. He has tried hard to get the fear away from him but has not been successful. When he hears the heartwrenching sound of rockets his knees automatically begin to shake, the heart drops and the body falls to the ground.The controller has struggled a lot to get rid of his fear but has never been successful. Once he headed to the dark desert to get rid of his fear where he saw the Haji praying in the dark. Fear of loneliness was something to reckon with. He passed the Haji and waited around until morning, but his fear was still with him. Finally he decided to talk to Haji about his problem, but every time he tried his shame would stop him. He is now tired of this situation. He finally gets himself together and asks the Haji why am I afraid? Why are you not afraid? I really try hard not to be afraid but I swear I have no control. Can one stop his heart from beating fast? Or stop his face from turning red? I lay on the ground unwillingly. I have no control over myself. Before the controller finishes talking ,the Haji as if he had been waiting for this for a while ; he puts his hand on his shoulder and with a kind smile says " I  used to be like that too , my mind was full of those questions you just asked , but one day Imam answered all of my questions .

  Imam answered all your questions?

 Yes…Imam Khomeini! It was the beginning of the revolution. The war had not started yet. One day we went to Jamaran with a few of the youngsters from my town and we said we wanted to see the Imam. You said Imam has no appointments around noon, we begged a lot, and said we've come a long way so finally they let us in. There weren't many of us. We sat around the Imam and were listening to his advice; suddenly a hard knock on the window broke the glass. From this unexpected sound we all jumped except the Imam. Imam while talking him calmly turned and looked at the window. His speech was not finished yet when we heard the sound of Azan . Right away he said finished and got up. He was afraid of being late for prayer time and we were afraid of the sound of breaking glass. He was afraid of God and us other than God. That was when I realized whoever is afraid of God is not afraid of anything else and whoever is afraid of the ungodly is not afraid of God.

 Talks with martyr Hemat's wife;

You have to go; right now!

At the bottom of my heart I didn’t think Haji would be martyred. Why lie? I thought my prayers would keep him safe. Sometimes when he came home, I could not help it, I'd cry for no reason at all. Haji would say "if you are upset I'll go back to the combat zone", I'd say no it is because I missed all your goodness.

 Apparently all the Besieges felt the same way about Haji .He did not say much but I would notice the diary that he would carry with him everywhere he went. One day when Haji came home unexpectedly to visit Mehdi and me we were at Andimeshk at the time I insisted he stay but he didn’t accept. At that time they came from guards and told him he had an important phone call. He got dressed and left leaving the diary. Before his return I opened the diary there was a few letters in it from the guys in the battalion. One of them had written, I will block your way on the Sarat Bridge. I've been sitting in my hideout for three months for the love of you. And others similar to this. When Haji got back I told him you have to leave right now, he said no I just spoke to the guys and told them I wouldn’t be going back tonight. Haji started making fun of me that he didn’t know he should stay or go. To tell you the truth I read the letters.

 Haji got upset and said," these were secrets between the guys and me I didn’t want you to see them". Then he shook his head and said "Do not think I am such a worthy person, it is the guys that are worthy; I have sinned and I have to repay with these kindnesses". Then he cried and said; "Who am I for these guys to write to ".He was very kind hearted and I think it was his faith.

 Haji was praying for his leaving and I was praying for his staying, he came and visited me and the children before the Khaibar operation. Our house in Islam Abad had found problems so I had gone to Haj Mohammad Ebadian's who was later martyred. When Haji came to pick me up I told him about the house that repairs had been done and we couldn’t stay there now but when he opened the door he was shocked. It was like he had not heard a word I had said. Haj Abbas karimi's wife had insisted we stay with them but he did not accept ,so we went inside the house when he turned the light on I saw his face he had got old; even though he was 28 everyone thought he was only 22, but that night I noticed the wrinkles around his eyes and forehead and cried and said " what has happened to you" he laughed and said "stop that talk for now because I came home secretly tonight" then he said "come and sit here I have to talk to you. Do you know what I just saw?" I said no. He said "our separation" I jokingly said " you are talking like children" he said no look at history ,God never wants lovers who are really close to stay together, so I said " you can joke now but I need to talk to you " in the time we have lived together you have either been at your mothers or my fathers house and I don't want you to have to go through this after I am gone I'll tell my brother to prepare a house in Shahreza carpet it so after me you and the kids will be comfortable. I got upset and said "You told me to leave the university so we could go to Lebanon and now…." Seems he realized he talking about going too much  so he said "no I am just trying to be sure that’s  all.

 The next morning the driver arrived 2 hours late and said "the car is broken down, I have to take it to be repaired" Haji got upset and screamed "don't you know the guys are waiting for us. We can not keep them waiting ". I was happy that by the time the driver repairs the car Haji will stay a couple of hours longer but this Haji was different from the old Haji he would always say " the only thing that keeps me from dying is my love for you guys the day I get everything ready for you guys it will be time for me to go."


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