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Publish Date: 29 November 2007 - 04:16
Parviz Abbasi Dakani
Persian Literature is rich literature which is benefited from the Islamic culture and has given life to grand, mystic, and epic subjects. Persian prose works has presented valuable religious meanings to those who are interested in science, art and ethics and has opened new perspectives for the researchers and insightful people.
One of the important subjects that was always noted by the Persian men of letters is Martyrdom especially in mystics. Therefore this subject is dedicated to the extraction of the works on martyr and martyrdom from the prose works of Persian literature. Some of the goals of this project are:
• Understanding the historical background of martyrdom in ancient Persian literature and its depth and grandeur in this long lasting culture.
• Having a deep knowledge about martyrdom and thoughtful interpretations that were available so far and deepening the present knowledge of martyrdom in the light of these mystical lessons.

The research methodology is historical and was based on library studying and the data were collected by taking notes. The community of research includes all the Persian works from the third century to the eighth century Hegira.
At the end of this research subjects about war, martyrdom and the revolt of the martyrs of Karbala were collected. Therefore the historical continuity of martyrdom concept in the Islamic Republic of Iran in our era and in the past centuries would be clarified; therefore it is clear that this concept has theoretically a valuable historical background. At the end of this research what the pioneers thought about martyrdom and its ideological position and spiritual value and finally light was shed upon the ways of research in this field for those who may intend to conduct research on this subject.
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