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Publish Date: 29 November 2007 - 04:13
Mehdi Safei
The present research is about the short but fruitful life of General Martyr Mahmoud Akhlaghi. This biography has been arranged on the bases of meticulous and compiled interviews with the holy martyr’s father, brothers, and sisters as well as the generals, companions, friends and all those who had contact with him. The materials of this research are arranged in 6 chapters and an appendix.
1.The general status of the family before the birth of the martyr, including geographical, social, educational, Economical, health and care position, the level of literacy and religious beliefs.
2.Childhood: familial position, the way he grew up, religious issues, family facilities, the social status of the family, the relation ship of the martyr with his brothers, sisters and friends.
3.Studying Period: Entering school, the way he studied and his changes during this period, and his special interest.
4.The period of social responsibility including job and other activities: the Behavior, actions, and thoughts of the martyr during this period and the way they changed, political beliefs and behavior, educational thought and behavior, and religious beliefs.
5.The war period including the way he was familiar with war and how he joined it, the period of war, memories, and happenings, praying in war, works remained after the martyr including his will, photos, and his hand writings.
6.Messages of Martyrdom including: the effects of the martyr on his relatives, friends and society and what can be given to the future generations as a gift from his life.
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