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Publish Date: 29 November 2007 - 04:07
A’zam Khatibi
One of the effective elements that decrease the social damages is top create unity through integration of the values in society. Spiritual adherence is one of the most effective elements on integration and this is fulfilled by the having relationship with the ways and advices of the martyrs. The Social Education is one of the basic courses for all the students in different majors and the social phenomena and special values is one of its most important topics. This research has been conducted with the aim of investigation, identifying, and classifying the values from the viewpoints of the martyrs and identifying the degree that these values have been published / mentioned in the Social Education of the freshmen in high schools. The research methodology was interpretation of the content and the means of collecting data was a reverse questionnaire. The community of research includes all the will of the martyrs in Hamedan Province (n = 599), % 5 of which has been systematically chosen at random (30 copies). According to the results of this research the extracted values from these wills are divided in to 7 groups:
1.Social Values
2.Economical Values
3.Emotional Value
4.Reasonable Values
5.Ethical Values
6.Religious values

In the investigation and analysis of the Social Education of the freshmen in high schools and it was clarified that the common values are: Doing political and religious activities such as taking part in demonstrations and Friday Prayer, Keeping uniqueness, learning sciences, independence, freedom, living simply, patience, tolerance, stability, fighting with foreign and internal enemies, paying attention to the poor people, and defending the poor, protecting Basij and Sepah, paying attention to the tests of God, following Imam Khomeini and supreme leader, paying attention to praying, feast, Hijab, and good education.
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