News ID: 81712
Publish Date: 29 November 2007 - 04:06
Mozaffar Cheshmeh Sohrabi
This collection includes all subjects about martyr and martyrdom including essays, wills, biography, memoir, prayer, family correspondences with martyrs, lectures, letters, poems, stories, memories, recording some parts of some books and news along with the performances of the Martyr Foundation that have been published in one of the newspapers and newsletters such as: Ettela’at, Keihan, Islamic Republic, Abrar, Resalat, Kar va Karegar, Qods, Keihan Havaei, Manshour Bardari, Eftekharat Melli, Payame Hajar, Bashir and hadaf. This collection has been prepared in two parts: the first part refers to the period that covers the gap between the year 1989 to the end of last part of December 1996 and the second part refers to the period between 19990 – 1999. The research methodology was based library study. This index has been prepared on the bases of subjects and in the order they had happened historically. In this way the subjects have been arranged according to the date of publication. As a whole the information that is listed for each entry is: the reference number, the family name and the name of the researcher, the title of the topic, the name of the press, the number of the issue, the page number.
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