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Publish Date: 25 November 2007 - 03:56
Armand, Mohammad
The present study aims at identifying the lessons and the text books of universities in which it is possible to publish and mention the concepts of martyr and martyrdom as well as determining the volume of the works and concepts related to martyr and martyrdom in the programs and the approved university headlines as well as the text books. The research methodology is descriptive and it has been based on library studying. The community of research includes all the university text books of B.A. degree; all in all 18 lessons and 10 titles were investigated: Islamic Insight, Writing Persian and Persian Language, selected Persian texts, Islamic Ethics, Islamic Education, Islamic Analytical History, and Islamic Republic and Its Origins.
In the following headlines and titles, the concepts of martyr and martyrdom are mentioned sufficiently: Islamic Ethics and Education, Islamic Republic and Its Origins, the history of Shiites 1 and 2. In the major of Theology and Islamic Education, Islamic Republic and Its Historical Origins, The Analytical History of the Life of Innocent Imams (AS), the history of Shiites 1 and 2 for the students of History.
There is no indication and mentioning of Martyrs and martyrdom in the following head lines: Islamic education, Persian Language, Islamic Texts and The History of Political Changes in the World.
In the following headlines, there were some indication of the martyrs and martyrdom concepts but they do no seem sufficient: History of Islam, Islamic History from Prophet Mohammad’s (SA) birth to the year 41 Hegira, The history of Islam from 40 Hegira to 227 Hegira, Islamic Republic of Iran, Social and Political Changes of Iran since 1941 – 1978 and The Bases of Political Thought in Islam.
In the following university text books, the concepts of martyrs and martyrdom are mentioned and paid attention to: Selected Persian Texts, Analytical History of Islam, Islamic Republic and Its Historical Origins, and Almenhaj Al Ghavim Le Ta’lim Alloghate al Arabieah. In the Following books there is no indication of the concepts of martyr and martyrdom: Islamic Education, Al Montakhab Men Al Ketab va Al Sonnat va Al Khatib.
In the following books the volume of the texts that are about martyr and martyrdom is not enough: Persian Language, Islamic Ethics, Islamic Ethics as well as Islamic Teaching and Education.
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