News ID: 7782
Publish Date: 10 September 2006 - 01:27
In the year 53 when they arrested Hossein, they took him to the youngsters block. The prisoners in this block were young trouble makers who had been jailed for fighting and stealing and such offenses.

When Hossein entered this block some of the prisoners made fun of him they said: who did you fight with? What did you steal? But Hossein with some patience managed to make guys out of them who pray. A few days later the guards noticed that the same trouble makers were taking part in public prayers and going to Quran classes. After the guards report, Hossein was moved from that block.

For a few years after that, every now and again the youngsters would come to Hossein and say: Mr. Hossein you lead us in the right path.
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