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Publish Date: 06 September 2006 - 07:17
The mother of martyr Seyed Hossein was a champion lady who in the year 1963 after the exile of Imam Khomeini, she send a telegraph to the Shah saying: If you are a Moslem why do you exile our example? And if you are not a Moslem, say so that way we know what to do. After the martyrdom of Seyed Hossein, she just like Zeinab Kobra for keeping the martyr's way alive, rose and started The Caravan of Zeinab and got the champion women of Ahvaz together to go to the front lines for helping with the injured, martyr's families, inspecting villages and such. This Caravan with her efforts got started in most cities. To this day she continues her devoted services.

This respected and honored lady passed away in 1988 and according to her will, she was buried in the martyr's garden in Hoveizeh. Ayatollah Khamenei in regards with this matter said: This honored lady is a brave , spiritual human being who in the line of great women of Islam stood tall and proud at the time of important incidents with a heart filled with faith and strong will power and ………..
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