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Publish Date: 06 September 2006 - 06:04
Uncle was in the last year of high school at that time. Proclamation of the leader and the love of defending the nation made him become a member of the revolutionary guards of Semnan. A little before the dispatch of uncle to the front lines, daddy Haji and Bibi came to grandma's house in Semnan.

It was decided when uncle comes back from the war, the marriage ceremony would take place. Uncle fought in the Kurdistan area for about three years. After his return the ceremony took place. Awhile had passed from his marriage that he went back to the front once or twice more.

It was Shahrivar 1984 that with God's blessing, a baby boy was added to uncle's family. Mohammad Ali was three months old when uncle was dispatched to the front lines again. This time uncle Abdollah went to war with his brother Rahmatollah. Uncle Rahmatollah was injured in the Badr operation. They transferred him to Shiraz. When the family found out about his injury, daddy Haji, daddy and one of the other uncles went to the guards to get more information on them. For a long time the family had no news of uncle Abdollah at all. In those operations most of uncle's friends and co-fighters were martyred. After the brothers in the guards did their research they found out uncle had been martyred and for the time being his body was missing.

In this three day wait all the jasmines in the balcony dried up. The space for uncle's prayer rug was empty when they brought the news of his martyrdom. Mohammad Ali was six months old now, he sat across from the picture of the sun in the balcony and a picture was taken for remembrance. When the family was notified of this news, grandpa was too proud to cry for his child's martyrdom.

In fact daddy Haji with this act made the enemy seem worthless. Auntie also for the death of her husband sat crying in a quiet corner and a heart to heart with her God. She, like a self sacrificing mother was a good souvenir for her dead husband. Uncle Abdollah was gone for ever, but uncle Rahmatollah filled his empty space. Mohammad Ali had a father once again.
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