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Publish Date: 27 August 2006 - 14:21
3rd of Khordad year seventy seven, for father union day was a day of worship. My father Ali Mohammad Heidari had fought the enemy for twenty four months. After the war martyrdom had become an unreachable wish for him. He was a guard who knew Shahrood army as his first home. Usually he would come home at noon, but the day of the incident, mother kept calling the army but they said: the meeting was not over. Ours had passed before we found out father had been martyred in an armed conflict with robbers.

Fatemeh Heidari, the martyr's sister has a lot more memories about him, she writes: <<Martyr used to encourage us to say our prayers first thing, the last sentence he said to me in his life was about this.

I went to their house that night and stayed. Very early morning, still dark , I felt someone calling me. Opened my eyes. The honorable martyr while water from his ablution was dripping from his face, said: get up, get up say your prayers>>. That was the last sentence I heard from him. The centre for cultural, spiritual activities for the <<Dizej>> village sisters was started with his efforts.

Not only while alive, but even after martyrdom he was our friend and guide. I will never forget my own honest dream to do with the region exams. I had almost lost all hope for the second stage in the month of July. Enrollment time had passed. I wrote a letter to the management in Qom requesting entry to the second stage of the exam.

In all hopelessness I dreamed of my brother. In a very serious tone he said :<< our engagement Monday next week>> after I contacted Qom by phone, they invited me to the exam. On that same day that I had to meet the great martyr, they gave me the news of my passing stage two. I swear to God that it's true that the martyr is still in contact with his family after his martyrdom.
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