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Publish Date: 27 August 2006 - 14:01
With every explosion the desert shook. Tiredness was pouring from you. You didn't have the energy to move. It was slowly getting dark. Suddenly a small hill stands out; you get yourself to the hill. On the other side of it, in a hole caused by explosion, you let yourself go. Your breathing is numbered. In the depth of your looks, the sun had gone deep into a strange red.

Your looks are sawn to the sky. Your are tired. In a second you aim at the water containers. But not a drop of water. Your dry lips would do anything for a drop of water. Thirst and hunger has you impatient, you are in a bad situation. The last looks of the sun are about to finish.

The hot dirt full of mortar shell has you even thirstier .Your blistered feet has made you loose hope. You calm down a bit , you come to the top of the hill and take a look around, at the loneliness in the evening you see flickering lights in a distance, you get a little hope , look at your company and say : we have to find the way….we can't be captured. You say the last sentence with hatred.
You turn around and see both of them sleep. After hours of walking only sleep can be calming. You don’t say anything else; you lay calmly in the hole counting stars that are all over the sky.
One, two….seven

No matter how much you count sleep won't come to you. With a lot of trouble you manage to wake up the guys and get ready to say your group prayer. When you open your eyes, you see the white bloomed in the sky. You rub your eyes and look around. Those two are still sleep. The sun has come up and you feel your thirst even more.

You lift your water container again; take it to your mouth but not a drop. Your eyes fill with tears, the first drop falls on the ground. You bring out your tongue to catch a drop, and you do but the salty taste moves you, you try hard to identify the situation but you can't. The sun is quite a distance from the ground now; the heat from the sun scratches your face. You go towards those two, they are in deep sleep, and you wake them up. Their lips are completely cracked, not a word can save you m you look at each other. Again you lift the water container to your mouth but not a drop. All three are drowning in your sea of thirst.

Is there anything to eat or not Javad? Water…food….
Nothing, not even a drop of water in God's desert..
You are in better shape than the other two. When they ask you where you are, you calmly say nowhere land.
Again you look at the fiery desert. A few seconds pass talking, suddenly you come up with an idea in hopelessness, they both agree. Each in turn travel for two kilometers, may be we'll find something.

And the first person is Reza. He gets moving. It's so obvious that he is hopeless. Moments hardly pass. He comes back even more tired. Its Hassan's turn. He gets moving and comes back with nothing, throws himself in the hole. Now its your turn to move, you have no strength left. You don’t know what to do.

The guys, first say prayers…..then move…..acceptance?

Then your hands become familiar with the earth, in the presence of the hot sun a hymn of prayer to the public.

The last greetings hands are raised towards the sky:
-God help me.

And you get going. All your being is burning in the sun. Your boot laces are undone. Your steps are counted. Calmly, you make your hands into shades for your eyes. As far as the eye works its sand and thorns and no sign of familiar forces. You move forward you have no more strength to go on. You fall on your knees, your elbows on the ground you crawl.

Oh God…….
You call him from the depth of your being, lift your head, get on your knees. In the summer noon heat a cool wind caresses your body. You shiver.
Heat and shivering? You try to concentrate on one spot, you might find something. You aim at a point far away. And you stay. You open your eyes more. They dry up. You rub them and stair more.

You stand up , feel the wind is getting more, What do you see?

You move, movement like running, you have to get yourself to that spot….and you do….

They hear your voice, they straighten up, see you going towards them. You throw yourself into a hole. Those two look at you, they get themselves to move, they get happy. They see your bosom; their cry like smiles fills the atmosphere. They see a nice looking melon in your hand, unwillingly they shout, you too, your voices fills the desert. Finding a melon that beautiful in the desert is like a miracle.

You crack the melon with your knife, large black seeds, something to see.

The beautiful color of the melon is like the evening sky and its scent like Mohammadi flowers. The first taste is lovely, you're surprised, you eat the heavenly scent and you are satisfied with the first bite. You get new life. The heat from the sun turns into a cool breeze. It dawns on you to move, the same way as you found the melon, you move , you want to find the melon bush, but no matter how much you look you don’t see any sign of it. Your tied up looks start to go downwards, and you can smell the scent of the melon from a distance. You get going with half the melon that you have, towards where the heavenly friends are. Friends have to eat some of this melon…..
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