News ID: 7106
Publish Date: 27 August 2006 - 13:59
Jafar's love of the Islamic Revolution and its defense was a Godly love, he'd say: the front lines are the viewpoint of angels, for a while he had indirectly been talking about going to the font lines but when it was unbearable for him to stay he said: my dear father and mother I have decided to go to the front lines, but not without your permission, because I don’t want you to be upset with me. We disagreed, I said: I can't stand you being away, never mind the news of my child's death.

He said I have left the decision up to you, but I am in love with the idea and feel a duty to go and I am afraid of the consequences if I don’t go. We didn't come to a decision and we made it to the morning with all those thoughts on our minds. In the morning his father called me and said: Go wake Mohammad Jafar! And tell him to get his things together and leave with the caravan from Carzar square.

I said: you were against it! What happened? He said: I don’t know but I feel someone telling me not to disagree. When I got the news to Mohammad Jafar, he shined like he was just born. He got ready quickly to join the endless see of eternity.
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