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Publish Date: 23 August 2006 - 14:33
He was sweet. Juicy and likable. Wasn't but a few years old. Playful. It was a sunny day I was washing dishes. Like usual he was playing, disappeared for a second.
I called him.
Abbas, Abbas….
Nothing was heard. I called again.
When his childish voice was heard from the roof.
I am here mother, on the roof.
When I saw him, I calmed down a little.
How did you get up there? Careful not to fall.
He laughed and quickly moved back from the edge. I continued washing the dishes.
His voice that apparently rode a horse could be heard. At times he screamed and at times quiet. I hadn't washed the pot yet when his heart braking sound nailed me still. As I turned around, for a second I saw him between the sky and the ground.
Ya Abolfazl!!
He was laid on the ground. I ran towards him. I could not speak. I wanted to scream. I screamed with all I had:
Ya Abolfazl!
Kneeled beside him. I had lost myself. His eyes were shut. With screaming and shouting I called the other members of the family. They all gathered. Abbas didn't move. What had happened to him?
Ya abolfazl I want my son from you.
Seconds passed very hard. Apparently no one could do anything. Everyone had lost hope.
Ya Abolfazl ! I'll vow my cow to you. Return my son to me.
Abbas was lying calmly. I hope he isn't dead? I hit my head hard with two hands.
See my child is gone!
Unconsciously I went towards the cow. I ran my hand on his back. Looking towards the sky I said:
Sir I vow this cow to you.
Again I went and kneeled beside Abbas. His eyes were motionless. I calmly lifted him and held him in my arms. Where could I take him? Which doctor? I had him in my arms. I ran out the door, the rest followed me outside; I didn't know where I was running. I stood in the middle of the street; I couldn't run anymore, tears had started to run. The first and second tears fell on Abbas's face. I felt his lashes moving. I was completely gazed into his eyes. I was right. He slowly opened his eyes. Everybody was around me, his hands started to move. His lips. He said: mother put me on the ground….where are you going?

Now my teary laugh was something to see. Laugh and cry. He stayed on the ground calmly, shook his clothes, cleaned the dust and went towards the house. We were all surprised. We followed him home. I looked at his face again. Not a scratch. From extreme happiness I looked at everyone and screamed: Get the cow ready. I have to act my vow.
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