News ID: 7100
Publish Date: 15 August 2006 - 15:13
The spouse of martyr Mahdi Forati used to invite everyone as good deed. If someone did her wrong, she wasn't one to get revenge, but never forgot a good deed. He had gone to the front lines several times in the eight years of holly defense, until he was a victim of chemical attack and after a year of torture he was martyred.

I had a dream one night that was very interesting. We were sitting around in my uncle's house. A lady who was a renter in our house had financial difficulties and the loan she had applied for had not gone through. She kept praying to Imam of time with no result. As they were sitting around the martyr took out a piece of paper and said to the lady : you kept calling Imam of time till he finally answered , he wrote you a letter and he got up and left, right then my little boy came in and said : Father was here he hugged and kissed me and left. The next morning I asked the lady did your loan go through? She said why do you ask.

I told her about my dream. A few days later her loan was fixed, she came to me surprised and I told her my dream twice more in detail so she would understand.
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