News ID: 7096
Publish Date: 15 August 2006 - 14:25
Mohammad Reza Jafari's spouse was a credible merchant in Garmsar. He didn't lack anything financially. But he wasn't too happy. He was in love with war he'd say: if the Iran, Iraq war ends, I'll go to Lebanon or Afghanistan to fight for Islam. No matter where he was, he was kind and helpful. One of the area youngsters had become addicted.

He had an old and paralyzed father. Whenever the young man needed drugs he'd beat his father to get some money out of him. When the martyr heard about this he was very upset. He took the youngster to his house for a while and helped him, when he got better he send him to Mashhad with his own expense. When he returned from Mashhad he set him up with a shop, he saved that youngster. We had relations with his family for a while, they would pray for us.

Another person who was a merchant and had wife and kids became addicted, martyr advised him a lot but it was useless, he was finally thrown in jail, martyr used to give money to his family and tell his wife that he owes her husband. Of course we were not aware of this situation. After his martyrdom when he was released from jail he told us that he did not owed him any money. The martyr was on his way to the meeting place in Karbala, he was martyred in the month of Jan 1983.
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