News ID: 7093
Publish Date: 15 August 2006 - 12:00
Salahedin Basiri was joking with his sister one night before his martyrdom, I said: don’t joke around! He said: I'll be in hospital tomorrow night why should I not joke? I said! Why hospital? He said: because I'll be martyred tomorrow, of course that's exactly what happened, Salahedin was martyred the next day and his corpse was transferred to the hospital. Martyr Hamid Mohammadi was a close friend of my son's.

Hamid was martyred about two months before Salahedin. Hamid's martyrdom had a strange impact on him. He was extremely sad from being away from Hamid, one day on his tomb he said: I can't stand to be away from you, I'll be right behind you.

He always had a small Koran and a picture of the Imam in his pocket; it was with him when he was martyred. We didn't take them out of his pocket; we just buried him like that. A few days later he came to my dream and said: why are you upset mother? I am not dead, I am alive, and don't you worry!
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