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Publish Date: 13 August 2006 - 09:10
I am Sakineh Dehghani, the sister of Ali Asghar Dehghani. Ali Asghar was born in Garmsar. His real name was Seifollah. When Seifollah was badly ill my mother vowed that if he got well she would call him Ali Asghar. Ali Asghar withstood a lot of hardship since childhood. He was eight when his illness resulted in surgery.

He had a special attitude. When he became a guard, on his way home from work he would take his uniform off and appear in regular clothing in public. He was proud of being a guard and said: one should not pretend, first time he was summoned to the front lines, mother got very sick from being away from him. We wrote him a letter and told him the situation; he replied he had to be in the operation.

We insisted that he should at least get a few days leave, but it was useless. We put mother in hospital and she kept narrating : I was laying in bed when I saw Malek the ghost , he went back and forth three times and the last time he said " I am here to take your life", I said "before you that can I see Ali Asghar? Apparently he accepted, because he suddenly disappeared. One of my roommates who was also sick said: "Mrs. Abdoosti who are you talking to?

In order not to scare them I said: I am not talking just reciting. Some time passed and mother was released from hospital. But on the 26th of March 1984 we got news of Ali Asghar's disappearance. Of course just like Malek the ghost had promised my mother passed away two months later and went to visit her child in the skies.
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