News ID: 7085
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 15:39
Martyr's brother << Hassan Arabi >> had a special love for doves; just as he came back from school he went to the doves. He claimed if a Toghi (type of dove) is taken to America It'll come back to Sorkheh. When the war started Hassan fell in love with the front lines. In Ordibahasht of year 61 when he came back for his last vacation he didn't even go to the roof once, instead he'd get all the guys in a room and lamentations and the guys would do the chest hitting ceremony. At the end of his vacation he went to the front lines.

Iran was ecstatic from taking Khoramshahr back in its control. With the bloody freeing of the town, Hassan's soul dove had been free from the cage of life. I didn't have the patience to do anything anymore. I didn't give seeds and water to the doves.

Sorkheh had become host to three martyrs: Martyr Ebrahimi, Martyr Ehssani and Martyr Arabi. When for the last time I was saying goodbye to Hassan from inside the coffin, my eye caught Toghi. Toghi was sitting on martyr's nuptial chamber, a few meters from Hassan's grave, kept going around him and singing. A child went towards him so he took flight and was going around the crowd. When I got home in the evening, the house was full of people. I went to the doves first, gave them seeds and water, I looked around Toghi wasn't there. I never saw Toghi again.
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