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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 14:39
When I opened his bag, a head scarf and a roll of beautiful cloth appeared in front of me. I was surprised. Abbas never……A thousand thoughts entered my mind.

•May be the news I didn't know?
•May be when he came home, I went to him straight away.
•Abbas who's is the stuff in the bag?
•Which ones?
•Don’t pretend like you don’t know.
•He started taking his clothes off. When he finished, I went to him again.
•Mother if there is something going on? I am ready to propose….
•He got upset.
•Mother don’t you trust your own child?
•When I heard this, it calmed me down; I wanted to change the subject somehow to wipe that look off his face.
•Surely you bought it for your mother?
•Mr smiled. I was happy he'd forgotten what I had said.
•Mother this is not worthy of you …..But…
•That night I tried everything to find out who that beautiful cloth was bought for, but I couldn't.
•Presence of the crowd could be felt. A grand funeral had taken place. A few days later, one of God's nights, something happened that made me shiver.
•That night one of my son's friends came to our house. After the reception he told us a memory that burned me up.
•Every time he returned from the front lines, he'd give me some money to give to the old lady that lived in our street by herself.
•I pictured her in my mind, paralyzed old lady without a soul in this world.
•That day Abbas ….the cloth…..
•I didn't know what else she said. I calmly rested my head on the wall.
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