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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 14:36
My spouse Javad <Ebrahimi> was one of the kindest children for his father and mother. He was a self sacrificing and kind individual and at the service of the Islamic Revolution in every way. After the martyrdom of martyr "Pour Heidari" he accepted the principal position for Mansoob and Martyr Primary Schools.

After a while ha was transferred to Vali Asr School in Shahrood. There too he started serving as principal. In summer of 63 he was summoned to the front lines. In the year 64, with a group of principals, they inspected the front lines in the south. After returning from the south he was completely confused, and he considered staying in the city an inexcusable sin.

Right away he completed the request for summons to the front; in a way martyr friend s would say: after arriving in Ahvaz, he went to the shrine of the martyrs of the city to tell his God that he will fight to the last drop of blood in his body. Before the Valfajr-8 operation, the last time I had a visit with him, I had not brought my oldest child who was in school, in an inspiration like manner he knew of his martyrdom, said: I wish you had brought Reza so I could see him one more time. I was sure his trip did not have a return. He left and before his martyrdom he changed the name of Vali Asr School to Javad Ebrahimi. All the students in the school like loosing their own father, they ran away. With his martyrdom he taught his students an important lesson.
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