News ID: 6946
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 15:20
Behrouz Janipour
Present research as recognizing and introducing regional structure of Islamic- Iran. In martyrs cemetery with memory and keeping 17000 martyrs memory in country.
The most important head lines are as follows.
Chapter one: is allocated to integration’s which has two parts.
First part: description of issue and second part: definitions and concepts and keywords and principle of plane:
Chapter two: recognizing traditional architecture of Islamic Iran which is allocated to 3 parts.
In first part: Iranian architecture with introducing most important parts and also introducing Iranian religious architecture.
Chapter 2: The main elements of traditional structures and architectures of Iran include: Doom, cells, Arches, towers and soon. And also tilling, mirroring, plastering.
Chapter 3: has been allocated to various regions of Iran with various conditions of Iran.
Chapter four: is allocated to analysis of information and has 3 parts.
In first part: the main particulars of Islamic Iranian traditional structure which has been analyzed, part two is allocated to regional problems, part three is allocated to traditional architecture with geographic and regional problems.
Chapter five is allocated to concepts of traditional architecture in set up new martyr's cemeteries.
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