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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 14:46
The wife of Javad Ebrahimi was one of the best sons for his parents. He was kind, dedicated and was serving Islam and revolution all the time. After the martyrdom of Mr. Pour heidari he was appointed as the boss of the school which was nominated after the name of that martyr. After some time he was transferred to Valiasr School. And there he was headmaster too. In the summer in 1985, they went to front and in 1986; they visited the southern fronts as a team of the headmasters. When he got back he changed completely, and he said it is not right to stay at home. And he filled up the expedition form. And as the martyred comrades said: when he arrived in Ahwaz he went to the grave of the city and promised his God to fight until the last drop of his blood. Before the Operation 8 and at our last meeting I hadn’t brought my big son with me. And he was inspired about his martyrdom and said: “I wish you had brought Reza with you and I could see him once again”?. I was sure that he won’t be back again. He went and they changed the name of the school and newly they named it after the name of the martyr. All the students of the school, like as the boys who had lost their fathers, cried. And he taught them many things for them.
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