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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 12:26
Azam Khatibi
One of the most important factors in decreasing social damages is creation relation between values in society liking to god is the most important factor of dependency and relation and it will be manifested over generation.
This research has been performed using study and classification of values point of view martyrs and nation in social research book of first grade of high school.
The research approach: is analyzing concept and gathering information and inverse questioners. The statistic domain and society includes all testimonies of martyrs of Hamedan (599) which %5 of that as a sample and has been selected systematic randomly
(30) testimonies according these the testimonies of martyr’s are categorized as follows.
1.Social values
2.Economic values
3.Emotional values
5.Ethical value
6.Religious values
The common values which have been emphasized by martyrs are as follows.
Doing religious and political activities like demonstrations and Participation in Friday pray, keeping unity independence, liberty, simple living, stability conflict and defeat against internal and external enemies, support. Suppressed people, Basij and Guards, attention to God will, support Imam and leadership, attention to pray, fast, Islamic coverage education and training.
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