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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 10:34
Mahdi Shafiei
This research is about biography of respected martyr Mahmoud Akhlaghi this research has been formed by interviews with his parents, sisters on, commander's friend and all people which had related with him and it has been formed in 6 chapters and one index.
Chapter 1: public position of family before his birth such as Geographical situation, social and educational position, economic status, health, education, religious, beliefs.
Chapter 2: his childhood like, family status, his growth religious problems, family possibilities, the relation of martyr with his sisters, brothers and friends.
Chapter 4: the social responsibilities periods like jobs, various activities, the manner of behavior and thought and educational behavior, religious beliefs.
Chapter 5: frontier periods like to dispatch to frontier and aviation of frontier, reminds and memories from frontiers, frontiers events, praise and worshiping in frontiers, remained works from martyr such as testimony photo and letters.
Chapter 6: the results of martyrdom like: works of martyrs on his friends and relatives and society.
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