News ID: 6936
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 10:33
Parviz Abbas Dakani
Persian literature: which is referred to rich Islamic culture and derived from it with high spiritual concepts? The Persian text has grateful composition in this way and present to followers of science and arts and provides new horizons to followers.
One of the greatest concept which has been focused up on it is martyrdom thus this research is used from texts which related to martyrdom concept some purposes of this research are as follows. Understanding of historical records of martyrdom’s concept in ancient text of Persian and finding its worth in ancient
The research approach is historical and gathering information is library approach and this information is collected by other resources and references.
The statistic domain has been collected since third to eighth centuries.
Therefore this research notes about martyrdom, raising of martyrs of Karbala and so on therefore the historical linkage of martyrdom thought in our times and past is appeared the ideological position and its spiritual value appear and shall be highlighted appeared to future researches.
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