News ID: 6929
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 09:55
Ahmad Madadi
There are so many persons that against the shots of enemy fourth and stood against it and created prides. These persons are the martyrs that their remembrance is always alive in the society. The memories and stories of their life have been shifted from chest to chest in the future generations.
One of the strong persons of that time was martyr Asghar Iranmanesh which in this story some aspects about him are mentioned.
This design is the researching biography which is adjusted in four chapters.
First chapter: despite of interview with the mother and father of martyr has considered the characteristics of behavior and some other individual, religious characteristics and the relation of martyr with war, combat, martyrdom and revolution and revolutionary activities.
Second chapter has considered the behavioral, treating, individual characteristics and the political, systematic activities and the mode of martyrdom in the interview with the sister and spouse of martyr, which are considered.
The third and fourth chapters are the characteristics by the speech of his army-fellow and his friends. For example the Mashhadi military man has stated the military and abilities of this martyr and the spirit of making decision.
At the end, the testament of martyr as the ending point is attached.
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