News ID: 6928
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 09:54
Mohammad Hassan Moghadas Jafari
In this researching design, the biography of military commander martyr Haj Abdolmahdi Maghfoori is considered. The researcher says that we will express the life of Haj Abdolmahdi Maghfoori, which had a multi-dimensions life, a complete human who worships God during the night in his night crying. The courage and sacrifices of him are as the works of Imam Hossein. In the works he needs to do imitate as Mohammad Rasol Allah.
This design is adjusted in six chapters.
First chapter childhood time, second chapter, educational time, third chapter, social activities, forth chapter, war and conflict, some texts, the text of speeches, sixth chapter, the results of life and the martyrdom of martyr which are considered.
The hand writings, letters, testament, pictures of martyr are the last attachment of thesis are expressed.
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