News ID: 6923
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 09:21
Iraj Vaseli
This design considers the biography of martyr Ahmad Abdollahi, which are adjusted in 13 chapters:
First chapter: the general situation of martyr family in before born.
Second chapter: elementary times.
Third chapter: military service time.
Fourth chapter: the time of employing in the telegraph.
Sixth chapter: war and conflict times: 1. Fathol Mobin
2. Beitol Moghadas military operation.
Seventh chapter: Marriage time.
Eighth chapter: Kheibar, Badr, Valfajr 8, Karbala 4 military operation.
Ninth chapter: The method of establishing battalion 408.
Tenth chapter: Martyrdom time.
Eleventh chapter: Karbala 5 military operation and the method of martyrdom for martyr Abdollahi.
Twelfth chapter: The letters of martyr to collogues and his spouse.
Thirteenth chapter: The last testament of mentioned martyr.
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