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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 09:19
Shohre Amali Khameneh
Martyr foundation of Islamic revolution of Iran, is one of the revolutionary organizations of Islamic society for us which more than two decades by obeying this aspect of Imam Khomeini which says: the martyrs families are the eye and the light of nation. In this case may assistance and attempts have been done for the comfort and welfare of these families until now? The cultural services are divided in three categories of educational, learning and consulting bases. This research has considered the method of distribution and the outlook of spouses and children of martyrs by the services that are being done in there for them. And this research has been done for the Fars province.
The main objective of this research is to increase the level of quality for distribution of services and in case if there is any problem it should be solved too, so that more satisfactions would be provided for these families.
The research is in the kind of analyzing and testing way. The Shahed families of Fars province are the statistical population of this research. And 126 persons are selected randomly for the sampling of this research. The research includes two researching questionnaires of researcher. The results which have been provided are already analyzed accurately. And these results indicate that the spouses , children and parents of martyrs were satisfied to the basis that are being done for them such as performing different classes of sewing, learning Quran, training of poems and songs, family education, consultative activities and the cultural services. But generally the spouses showed more satisfaction than the children of them for performing of these bases. There was not any difference between the boys and girls. The persons who were almost educated showed these aspects in a satisfying way. There was a difference between the satisfactions of different cities. The Shiraz city showed less satisfaction for performing these aspects than other cities. And in Shiraz there was more satisfaction for the bases of technical trains. But generally so much dissatisfaction could be seen in different fields for providing the services. More details would be provided in the chapters 4th and 5th so that they will be interpreted.
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