News ID: 6920
Publish Date: 09 August 2006 - 14:34
Samad Bayat
Educational fall; means the reduction of educational efficiency of students from the required level which is expected.
This research has considered about this matter and is looking for a way to solve the barriers and problems in this way. So the designs of economical, social and cultural development would be provided. The method of research is environmental. The statistical population includes all the schools that are belonged to the Shahed students that are studying in there. The method of sampling is randomly and about 100 students have been selected. The method of gathering information is questionnaire. The analysis has been done according to the test of K2. The result of it indicates that:
1.There is an important relation between the variables of family members, the presence of instability and the educations of parents to the educational fall.
2.There is an important relation between study changes or variables and personal ambitions and educational falling.
3.There is no an important relation between the changes of revenue level and educational condition.
4.There is an important relation between educational situation’s variable and parents' punishment’s variable.
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