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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 15:34
Martyr Ali Akbar Ghasem Pour was one of those army men that after finishing the period of war and going to city, always would be with mosque mobilizations, and would kept the values of Islamic revolution. His presence in mosque rifle-pit was like the presence of fish in water. He would never stay in the cage of house; He was in war in 1983 in a military group of Semnan in the war of Kurdistan, so I got familiar with him.

He was one of the forces that were going to war for several times. we served in the attack battalion of Jandollah that its work was attacking to the anti-revolution in Kurdistan. Then for protection of border side of military stations went to the Alut village, and after finishing our difficult commission we went back to our city and in the battalion of Sarallah that its duty was inspection and detection inside the city we continued our serving. In this battalion two groups could be seen. A group would be guard on days and a group would be guard at nights. The situation of Kurdistan on those years was in a way that at anytime the probability of attacks of anti-revolution could occur. Any mistake could cause something compensation of that would be so difficult. Martyr Ghasem Pour was one of the persons would participate in both guard posts at night and during the day.

He would not feel tiredness at anytime. Since his brother had martyred recently and had put his gun on his shoulder and had come to war and was so popular and lovable in between soldiers. He was one of the persons in the dangerous situation of Kurdistan would pray God at five times accurately, he would call to prayer in the mosque in Kurdistan, gradually all the persons who call to prayer would be martyr one by one, such as Martyrs Kazem Amelu, Majid Reza Kazemi, Alireza Fiez, Yadollah Tahaniyan and …, in Kurdistan our group for making the situation better had some special managements. It was supposed when a criminal be observed be sent to court and according to this crime the judge would vote something against him or her.

Someday the soldiers of army station hit some bullets towards sky because of enjoying, and since we wanted to prevent of lavishment we took three of them in the court, and their punishment was that until three days all the works be given to them only. Also they had to return the money of spent bullets to people right box. The share of Martyr Ghasem Pour was 150 Tomans, and this person could pay only fifty Tomans. He was so sad due to this, and eventually borrowed the money and paid it. In before the military operation of Valfajr 8 I had gotten married with one of his family members, it was supposed whenever I wanted to come to war environment he stays at home. Except of me and him there was not any man in the family. I was coming to war with Musa Ebn Jafar battalion. Suddenly I saw Martyr Ghasem Pour, I said: why didn’t you stay with your family? He said my heart did not let me to stay there and I felt something good will happen in this military operation , of course this person did not stay in war so much because he martyred and went to the highest points of sky.
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