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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 15:16
On October 1981 a battalion of military army soldiers from Kermanshah went to west Gilan. In this battalion I was with Martyr Hossein Majdi. The Iraqi forces were set on "Shiyakouh" and had put the city of west Gilan on fire with their heavy weapons. We were trying to defend and resist against them. So in mid-December the demand of attack was given and a military operation with the name of Matla Alfajr was started. Our battalion was divided to two groups.

A group with army was responsible to take Shiyakouh and another group to take the high places of "Fereidon Kushiyar". The first demand was the forces attack to Shiyakouh and after a few hours, our unit attack to Fereidon Kushiyar. Near the morning our work was started. After five hours fighting, the high place was in our responsibility to be taken was fallen. Our forces engaged that place. After the martyrdom of battalion commander, brother Hossein Majdi became our commander. The soldiers had shown strong attempts of themselves. Many of soldiers had Martyred and injured. But there was no any news from helping forces. After taking Shiyakouh almost all the supporting forces had been set in there so the Shiyakouh would be kept. The pressure of Iraqi forces was so much on us.

They would attack us with their heavy weapons. The Iraqi people that had lost Shiyakouh had come to Fereidon Kushiyar area so they wanted to prevent of falling of this area. In this condition our wireless phone had become cut. Many of our forces had been injured. Many of them had been removed and some of the Iraqi captives would take them to the back of line. Eventually we were suffering due to lack of soldiers. In a short time I found Martyr Hossein Majdi in a rifle-pit was working with his gun lonely, and sometimes he would shoot R.P.G and sometimes with 50 mortar shell attack to enemy and in this condition won’t leave wireless phone as well.

He and Martyr Jalil Konjur Amin went to Hossein. When he saw us asked how many persons are you? We said two persons, he said have you prayed God, we said no. he said pray God quickly and then I will tell you what to do. First he started to shoot and we prayed and we involved with enemy and he started to pray. When his pray was finished said to us: our forces are all passed away and had martyred and only 18 persons of them are alive. Some of them had become injured so you can take the injured persons to the back side of war. I will fight with enemy with 8-persons group. We shifted the injured persons till five o’clock in the evening. Suddenly I saw four soldiers of our forces are calling us. They were only seven persons I asked where is Hossein Majdi? They replied he might have become captive, in this condition with 12 hours walking by foot we arrived to the min defending line of our forces. . After 3 days, On 20 December it was seven o’clock in the morning we saw two persons are coming from enemy towards us.

We waited they come closer and more near to us. One of them was injured and the other was healthy but tired. He was bringing the injured person and after a few steps he would put the injured person on the floor. We hit a bullet towards sky. They hid themselves after a few minutes; one of them came out from that ambushing place and moved towards us. It was clear he had not gun. We waited he continues his way and he arrived in a place that we could hear his voice and he said: Damghan, Damghan, we understood quickly he is Hossein Majdi. The Damghan word was our secret word for knowing each other in these situations. We run to him quickly. Hossein Majdi was hungry and thirsty. All his body was full of blood. He said an injured person is with him that he had set him over there. Because of this injured persons I have suffered so much for three days. Go and bring him. Soldiers put Majdi on their shoulder and brought him to their place. I and three other soldiers went to bring the injured person, when we saw him; we understood he is an Iraqi captive who his foot and shoulder was injured.

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