News ID: 6493
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 15:06
All remembered my father so kind. Brother Ali Sajedi was a fellow-soldier of Martyr Mohammadi who said about him: he collected soldiers and read Ashura Prayer with his warm voice. He read Komeil prayer in Friday's nights and Nodbe in Friday's morning. And also, Samat and Joshan Kabir prayers didn't leave in some nights. The Tavasol prayer was an especial prayer for him."
He was lover for martyrdom, and to be ready for martyrdom, every time. He urged to go on leave for some hours, but the commander didn't let. And when I asked him for his urge, he said: I know become martyred and I wanted to get ablution before the military operation.

Martyr Ahmadi takes an interest in children especially his girl, Fatemeh, and also to his parents. He said, I hope my father be satisfied of me, because I wasn't good child for him. After his father's martyrdom in Kheibar operation, his mother couldn't endure without him.
Now, their tombs are my stone of patient.
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