News ID: 6491
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 15:04
This memory is narrated by Akbar Nejati:
"We settled in brigade 21 of Imam Reza, Almahdi corps in 1985. I and Martyr Ahmad Mokhtari were in a group that includes 33 soldiers. In the night of Valfajr-8 military operation, we stayed on boat in Arvand canal and started the military operation with enemy. Martyr Mokhtari was armed by R.P.J and he was director who persuaded Iraqi soldiers in that canal. Near morning, Martyr Noroozi commanded for ending military operation, but Mokhtari said if we continue military operation till morning, we can get this island, God Willing. His courage became fixed for all persons. Finally, he martyred after years of war in 1988"
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