News ID: 6489
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 15:02
"Alireza Momeni" was a real religious and courageous man. We were together in the west of Kurdistan, aura and Gojar. There was a snowing area in the year of 1987, and the soldiers protected that area under this cold and difficult situation. We (I and Alireza) promised to each other that the one who martyrized should perform intercession for the other.

And now I am feeling, it's my big invest in that world.

When I passed an intensive snowing night, he was very sorrow for me that I slept in a bad situation without any capabilities. We wanted to talk with each other suddenly Asghar Shabani, the corps commander, called me. And then I heard a big explosion sound from up rifle-pit in that time. Mr. Shabani, Alireza and some soldiers were injured by quiver. They had to go out of the line that we were in. Alireza was martyrized when I wanted to take him to hospital.
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