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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 14:59
Hello dear father! A greet to your warm hands that were so kind, and the greatness of your spirit, dear father! How are you? It is a long time we come to this house and we have put your pictures in small and large frames and put on the walls of out rooms. It is a long time we are sad for you and our tears can not be sufficient for this sadness. It is a long time I say my feelings and pains to your frames (pictures). Dear father you know well from the time I was born.

I wished to see you and this ambition has been changed to a green dream. Dear father you know the nights of New Year I miss you. I like you to be with us, but it is a long time every New Year time I find you in this rose-garden. Dear father I have not seen you but I have understood you have been a great person. You were born in 1962 in a year that Imam Khomeini has said to enemy his friends are in cradle. Dear father you were a great soldier! You were so strong! You were a great commander! Today your speech is so famous in between other soldiers and army men: Martyr Kiumars Noroozi had three success ways for religious aspects, belief to God, reliance and patience. Father you were a complete model in three secrets. I have heard many bitter and sweet stories from you. When you were in war, you lost your young brother, but if you had a sorrow always it was hidden. Many good aspects could be seen your presence. No one could simply understand that your speech was seriously or not. But you would use of any event and would give mentality to others. They said: In the military operation of Khande someone picks up a wireless phone and hear the voice of Kiumars Noroozi come to our rifle-pit soon, when we arrive there, Kiumars Noroozi shows his foot that the bullets have been hit there. When they were brining a cat for hunting the mouse from city, the cat escapes due to fearing of mouse! And they have said in the military operation of Valfajr 8 your shoulders have been injured and the soldiers were worried about you and you said: Nothing happened a fly bit me and went. You loved your cousin Ahmad and he had martyred and on the third day of his martyrdom you said to mom: make ready my bag tomorrow I am going to war and I like you to prepare my clothes yourself. Father! How much time was passed from your marriage? Mom said: Kiumars let a few days from the martyrdom of Ahmad be passed, now your mom is so unhappy. Father! How did you know you will become a Martyr in that military operation?

The Martyrs how can know when they will be Martyr? Who say to them? How they have connection like that? They said a few days before your martyrdom you collected your friends and said to them: my parents after martyrdom of my young brother Iraj, they are hopeful to me. They think marriage will cause that I become present in Semnan more and I would not go to war… I know very well in this military operation I will be Martyr.

I have written in my testament if God gave me a son put his name Hossein and if it was a daughter put her name Zeinab. Dear father your child was a daughter. I am Zeinab and I do not know if I am the girl you want or not? I have defined your lovely memories with your fellow-soldier Seyed Ismaeil. The brother of Kiumars was martyred in the military operation of Valfajr 3. When they give the news of martyrdom of Iraj to Kiumars, they were going towards enemy in Gavi River with other army soldiers… He kept his firmness and strength. When he saw his dead body of his brother, he called him many times as the image of Karbala was in his mind. Kiumars bent and put the head of his brother Iraj in his hands and kissed him and said bring him to back side of war. From that time Kiumars was looking for something was lost. In the last days of his life, he had so much happiness. He would give the id cards of soldiers for them in Musa Ebn Jafar battalion and would say: dear brothers were winners and if we do not win we have duty and we should perform our duty. Near Arvand River said to me: Seyed I will Martyr in this military operation and I like you to be with me, fro
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