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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 14:41
You had become beautiful. Your lovely complexion would attract everybody towards it. You had sat down on a corner and you were watching the sky. I think you were not on earth on that moment. You were released. Released in sky. Released in high flight. I understood it when I sat near you, and you did not notice my presence. You were crying in tears. You had a strange condition. I did not want to disturb your privacy. But my inside feelings forced me to put my hands around your neck. I do not know when you were thinking deeply, you were mad that I disturbed your privacy or no? When I saw your beautiful smile, I understood you did not become sad with me, I was relaxed a little. You accepted me at the time so quickly. I glanced on your look. A look was released in the God desert. What were you looking for?
You were thinking deeply?
And your silent was my answer.

It is clear you are joined? Mr. Mohammad… does not forget us.
The tears were wiped on your cheek; maybe you did not want me to watch them. You looked at me and said:
We are not capable for you.

And you looked on the desert objects. I was thinking about you. The green flag of beauty was wrapped around your neck, my interfering feeling made me to ask something.
It’s a beautiful flag!
You touched and looked at me, you said quietly:
The owner of flag should raise the flag towards sky.
When you heard my speech, you were surprised a little:
Did you read the text is written on it?
You opened the flag from your neck and put it on the floor:
Read what is written here?
I read that:
There was written a sentence of Koran (God is one, Mohammad is the prophet of God, Ali is the warden of God)
You picked up the flag and wrapped around your neck again.
It is called witness and statement…
You looked at sky.

It is the wire of connection, if a sudden bullet be hit and made me to fall down, and if I was not able to talk, this flag will be a witness. Your village accent was interesting, you made me influenced and agree, and I did not have any solution, only to go away from you, so I would not disturb your privacy. I went from there and you stayed in there with that green figure…

The situation was so bad and everybody was so careful. No movement was effective. The soldiers had lied down on the canals were dig by Iraqi soldiers and they were ready to hear the demand. But the sound of heavy weapon did not let the announcement be given. The demand of battalion commander was the movement of soldiers towards ahead. The only ways for going ahead were destroying the two heavy weapons of enemy. Now volunteered were necessary. Two persons could work with R.P.G weapon. At that time you came to the commander and said you are ready to do this responsibility, to attack to the left rifle-pit of enemy. You wanted to go lonely.

Mohammad…who is your helper…?
I do not want helper. I can do it lonely.
You put some R.P.G bullets on your bag and started to creep forward. Anxiety was in there. The soldiers were crying. Everybody was imploring. The breaths were kept in the heart. No one would even a small move, the sound and shots of enemy weapon were continuing to act. It would not be stopped even once. The time was passing with many difficulties. Suddenly the sound of you was heard. You hit the first bullet. The fire was raised from the enemy rifle-pit. And after your second bullet the two rifle-pits were removed. When these two rifle-pits of enemy were destroyed, the battalion started to go forward. Your green flag that was wrapped around your neck was shinning in darkness and your face had become so lovely with that. While you were moving you said to the soldiers were behind you:

Dear soldiers are certain the rifle-pit of enemy was collapsed… You were walking ahead of all the soldiers. I wish I could be with you as well… The day was half finished. The soldiers had arrived to the earthworks were already chosen. The war was started again. I asked about situation every few minutes from others. I was digging a rifle-pit, so the mud machine attracted me. I stopped the work and moved towards the car. The bodies of respectful Martyrs were inside the car. It was a strange condition; the cheerful of Martyrs were lovely to be watched. In between them the body of one of the Martyrs was amazing for me. It was a green flag with full of blood… I was not sure about it. No… you? I slowly turned your face. You appeared in front of me with your always smile. It is your Mohammad. I opened the flag was wrapped around your neck slowly. I put it on your body. I read the text was written on it for the last time.

- (The sentence of Koran… La Ela Ha Elal Lah)
Under the light of sun, your green figure that was set inside the Martyrs, was lovelier to be seen. I put my hand around your neck, I do not know maybe at that time sung took a picture from us. Still the picture is in my mind…
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