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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 14:25
-Rezayee! When he heard his name stood up in between soldiers. And then everybody praised and greeted to God, Mohammad and his descendants. Mukhtari read the next name loudly- Hoseini! He would stand up and every body would utter this formula for confirmation the speech of Hosseini. Mokhtari looked to the soldiers that were going towards war. Everybody have war helmet and a bag on their shoulders. Then his look would be on Mahmoud that his name is not read yet. He will write his name on paper quickly and then will shout his name- Asadi, Seyed Mahmoud Asadi will stand up on his place quickly, since the camion is going so fast, when the camion fell down in a hole he fell down. Everybody praises and greets God, Mohammad and his descendant. Every body kisses him. And congratulate to him. When Seyed sits on his place, look on the face of soldiers and says: Nothing will occur to me (a proverb says the egg-plant of Bam does not have pest) and then stands up inside the camion. Looking on soldiers and says: Mokhtari read the name many of us, now it is my turn to read a name. Everybody was client. Now the bad sound of car would be heard only. – Mokhtari! For several times by hearing the name of Mokhtari they utter the name of Mohammad. Seyed on continue of his talks looks on Sky and say:_ for happiness the spirit of Mokhtari utter the name of Prophet Mohammad. Seyed sat near me. When he sat down, everybody got silent. But Mokhtari breaks this silent. There was a few hours distance till the environment of war. The soldiers are mentioned in the list and me too. They would make joke with each other. I hit a hand on the back of Seyed. He looked at me.

– Did you see the soldiers uttered the name of Prophet God nicely for you… he completed my talk quickly.

- Praise and greeting to god, Mohammad and his descendant with exordium? He says this with a smile.

-Seyed can you hold my hand? He puts his hand besides me. - give your hand to me. After times I feel the warmness of his hand. And again he laughs. I want to remind him in a way that I call him my descendant: I mean the next world. When you martyred, will you help us? Let me tell you openly: Will you assist us? I said the egg-plant of Bam does not have pest (nothing will occur to me) Dear brother look the one should help us, is you. - OMM, me and martyrdom. It is laughable… everything can be read from your forehead. Mokhtari was in between soldiers, he would read poems. The soldiers would reply, a nice weather can be observed. I did not answer Seyed and I got quiet. While Seyed saw I do not talk, put his hand around my neck. Why are you like this? I said please assist us. He said this sentence seriously. Tears were seen in his eyes.
– Seyed what is this talk? – If you like your mom. You swear me in a way that I do not know what to say. I glanced at his eyes. A tear would fell down from his cheeks. - Seyed I swear you because of your mother Zahra… if you say this talk, I will lose my control and by the sound of soldiers, both of us hug each other… every moment the fire of enemy would be more. It seems it is raining from sky. The soldiers had been set almost 50 meters near the Iraqi people. They were surrounded in there.

– Our on back side and the left the Iraqi tanks could be seen. The surrounding circle would be tighter every moment. They wanted to attack us. I was going towards commander quickly- Masoud! The situation is really bad, what should we do? Pick up some of the soldiers who are armed with R.P.G weapon and resist against them. I was going towards earthwork, I see Mokhtari and Asadi. I do not know to whom I should say the matter. I did not agree to say anything to Mokhtari because only three months from his marriage engagement is passing. When they saw me anxious, tell me what has happened? I say quickly: who wants to Martyr? Both of them step towards me and say my name is mentioned. I am ready. Mokhtari puts his hand on the chest of him and he would go more back. What, I am ready. Both of them were talking for finding this opportunity
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