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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:35
As time passed Algharieh group of 4 had became more experienced and complete. One night they intended to attack the enemy's positions one more time. They went down to the peak at 8 o'clock in the evening. They reached Goor Sefid village at 8:50, they rested for 1/2 an hour and then started moving towards enemy's positions. The sky was completely clear, innumerable stars were twinkling but there was no sight of the moon. Different kinds of animals sounds could be heard from middle of the long grass. Each member of the group was moving toward, their distance from each other was about 4 meters. There was a possibility that enemy laid in wait for them. Hamid was the frontier and Karim was the 4th one. After getting to the mine field they swapped positions with each other. As they got closer to the enemy they had to be more careful.
Suddenly Hamid stopped and rose with half of his body. The rest followed him and did the same. 5 minutes passed but Hamid had not moved at all. Jafar who was the one after Hamid said quietly " Hamid… Hamid go, there is nothing to notice, but Hamid said silently: Hush
Some one was moving from the left side to the front between the bushes where there was only 10 paces between him and where Hamid was, at the same time. A few moments later two others showed up too. It was a dangerous and tense situation but Hamid commanded very calmly. Finally there were 5 of them there and they were speaking Arabic very quietly. They certainly could not see the group members. After they stood in a straight line in front of the group finally, Hamid with a sharp move pointed at them and said fire now. Suddenly after a very few moments shooting started. Those 5 who were surprises fell down on the ground without being able to defend themselves at all. Karim threw a grenade towards them. There was this possibility that they also threw one back. So, Hamid ordered us to spread out. Few moments later there was complete silence and only the sound of nature could be heard, 10 minutes later Hamid crawled to them on his chest. Two of the 5 were still alive but not able to move at all. Hamid called his friends loudly, Jafar and Reza got to him.
What shall we do with them?
Hamid said, we will take them with us . The rest agreed too. 3 o'clock after midnight Algharieh's small group got back to the peak with 2 hostages, 5 weapons, 10 grenades and 2 loaders. Soon every one in the stronghold heard about what they had done. After this victory it could obviously be understood that Algharieh's operation had destroyed enemy's peace because after each attack they began firing all over the axis with mortar-shells. Because of this they kept changing their axis all the time. Algharieh's name was famous in a Sare Pol Zahab axes now.
A speaker who was speaking in Bakhtaran in Jomeh's prayer lecture, had dedicated part of his speech to Algharieh's group. Hearing their names, we assumed its members are strong, athletic, experienced type of people. At first I thought they are about 30 or 40 people, but in reality only four and I was wondering how could four people bother the Iraqis this much?
Everyone kept saying that these 4 people are incredible. A day we went to the frontlines finally. We were in a large stronghold for lunch and I asked for them. A young guy said what is your business with them Mr. Haji? I said: nothing, I just wanted to meet them face to face. In a joking mood he said: here you are, I am at your service. Yes, we are the four guys. Man, I did not believe it. Four very young guys, and humble.
Man, are you Algharieh's group? They are all speaking about Algharieh are you the one? He turned and said: man, who are we that everyone talks about us? The last operation with Algharieh was in the summer, on the night of 17th of shahrivar (Sep.) which set fire to the enemy stronghold killing many of them. Before the operation started they fired at the enemy positions with mortar-shell. Enemy that thought there is going to be a major attack but the group
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