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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:35
Mohammad raised his head from his last bow, then Allah is one, greeting and prayed at last. After saying Allah is greatest and finishing his prayer he saw Hamid packing his personal data-x-items putting them in his knapsack. At first he turned his eyes with an uncaring posture but when his prayers were complete and was about to bow for thanking GOD, he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder "pray for me too" "where are you going?" Hamid said: "I am going …going home" Mohammed said:”? what? Home? But why? Why now?" Hamid put his head down and said the same way "Mr. Mohammed, I, … well, you know, I want to go" "You are making a mistake my son, swear to GOD you are making a mistake, what is it you're thinking? How could I prove to you that you are making a mistake?"
"Well, I told you what I had to say, I made my decision, I know my destiny is somewhere else."
Then hugged Mohammed and kissed his forehead and said "pray for me". Then took his knapsack and gun and left the strong hold without saying a word. Mohammed followed him. Hamid wore his boots and tied the laces, the sky was still dark but the brightness was growing from the east, by the moment.
Mohammed took Hamid's elbow and said "Hamid… don't go, the frontlines need forces, if you leave the other guys will be depressed, swear to GOD you are making a mistake".
Hamid said calmly: "No, I am convinced, I do not deserve to be an Islamic fighter, did you see how the others became martyrs, Islam combatant…who? Me? No, I am going, let what ever will happen, happen, I know that the frontlines need forces, but if I leave the frontlines Iran and Islam will not be defeated. No, my dear Mohammed I told you I have made my decision".
"My son, what are you saying? Who can compare to you? Who could do the things you do? Well as you wish, seems my persisting is useless, ok, go, never mind it was my duty to advise you, I can not do anything further, as you wish" Hamid raised his hand to him and Mohammad took his hand, they both hugged each other and few moments passed in silence. Then Hamid took his knapsack and gun and left the strong hold without saying a word and Mohammed turned back looking very sad. Hamid had passed through mortar-shell section which was not so far from the main front.
The guard outside was guarding the stronghold and saw Hamid with the dim light from the sky and realized he knew him, when he saw his knapsack he screamed loudly:
Mr. Hamid! Are you taking time off? Have a nice time.
Following his question, he turned his head and shouted even louder:
Guys, Mr. Hamid is taking some time off.
But Hamid left, in a big hurry and crossed the roads quickly. The guard was wondering to himself: it's strange; he had not arranged his time off.
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