News ID: 6256
Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:33
The great operation to free "Matla al Fajr" had started with “Ya Mahdi" code. All preset targets were captured by our forces. To find out about the importance of this operation, I should say in OPEC ministries conference which was in Abozabi our country's oil minister in an interview had said: During the conference we heard the news about this operation and it made Iran's situation more stable on selling petroleum considerably. So, with help from Algharieh's guys, the great operations and strategic “Matla al Fajr" was controlled by us completely. But guys like Jafar granted the most precious thing that they had which was their life. So a great extended part of our Islamic country will be cleansed from aggressiveness.
There was a memorial service for operation's martyrs in Abozar garrison. Jafar's name was on the list of these martyrs and called very warmly. But in a corner of the mosque were 3 guys with sad faces and eyes which were not able to cry any more, thinking of the fiery days they spent with their martyred friend.
Some days passed and there were no news of the great battles of "Alghariehs" small group. They were recommended so many times to have new members so they could transfer their training and experiences to the next groups. Their activities but none of these 3 guys had agreed and kept saying only one thing which was "this group should be destroyed as its original members were martyred"
Finally after several days had passed, on Nov 15th "Algharieh" executed their first attack (after Jafar's martyrdom) by the destruction of enemy's strong hold, Doshkai.
After the destruction of Doshkai which was done successfully. They were having weekly attack operations on the enemy until winter was over. The group members according to management predictions had intended to destroy the enemy artillery on new years eve which contained a unit of machine gun 130, they had intended to grant this as a gift to their leader and nation. They also managed to move towards the enemy frontlines near their target at night, spend the next day over there and attack the enemy on the same night when they are not so tired. The reason was, in such cases when they attack the enemy, they are far away from their own positions so, they were not able to come back because of exhaustion, on the other hand if they hide in the same area after attacking the enemy, they will send guards after them which is too dangerous. So, they can attack the enemy and take advantage of darkness and have enough time to turn back to their own position, doing all this very calmly and without getting tired. Now, they were about to look around the target, 24 hours before the operation starts and attack the enemy on the 2nd night.
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