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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:32
After Hamid got to the terminal, he said his morning prayers in the mosque there and stayed there till the sky was completely light . 7 o'clock in the morning he walked to Revolution Square while he was carrying a bag on his shoulder. He walked all the way to Rev. Square to spend some more time but he didn't realize he is doing so. He felt he is not ready to go to home yet and wanted to spend some more time walking around in the streets. He didn't want to blame himself at all, the only important issue to him was convincing himself that leaving the frontlines was the right thing to do. Although it was a long time since he had been home and the first thing he should do was to go home, but Hamid was not thinking about that at all.
In Azadi Street he came to a snack bar to eat a sandwich and have his breakfast. While he was eating he saw something which shook his heart. The morsel was between his hand and mouth, he kept it that way so he could swallow the juice in his mouth but it almost got stuck in his throat. Sometimes people are so touched to where they can not swallow the saliva in their mouth, Hamid was the same way. He began coughing and it took a little while. He controlled his coughs finally and looked at the picture again 5 young men were standing next to each other with their guns. Ibrahim, Karim, Jafar, Hossein and Hamid himself. The guy who was wrapping the sandwiches saw him and asked:
Hey brother do you know them?
I know one of them, the second one is my brother's brother in low.
What's the news?
Yesterday was 40th day of his death, we went to Behesht Zahra the other 3 are also martyred.
Hamid said slowly:
Behesht Zahara, Behesht Zahra
Hamid ate his sandwich, paid for it and left the snack bar; his head was feeling heavy and he was thinking and whispering something to himself.
Behesht Zahra yes I should go to Behesht Zahra.
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