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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:29
Just a few moments had passed, he found himself in front of Behesht Zahra great cemetery. I did not know how he made it from Azadi Street to Behesht Zahra by himself. When he entered and passed two large pilasters, he felt he had entered to a place which was different from any other in the world. Why was he feeling like this? he did not know. He moved toward martyr's graves uncontrollably . He had only taken a few paces when he asked himself: Why am I going there?
As this question came to his mind, he moved to a corner and stood up against a tree and began thinking: Every time a man comes to a cemetery, some strange feeling grows on him. Maybe no other place except cemetery is like this. This feeling is different with each person. In some it’s much more and in others, less. But anyway no one comes to the cemetery without special feelings. Someone was whispering in his ears.

Hey! You'll be here some day too. You'll be like these people. You will die finally. This is the last place in the world no matter who you are or what you do . This will be your last stop …
Someone started speaking to graves and the dead:
I knew him. He was a good human being. This one bothered people a lot.
Some spoke to the world: Some spoke to their own GOD: you created us from earth and gave us your soul, made us alive and then take our lives like these people who are all dead and each one has died in a different way.

Good for those who sacrificed their lives for you. Hamid had this kind of feelings there. We have not exaggerated if we say they all had these feelings, he said to himself.

Hamid what are you doing here? Which grave are you going to visit? Beheshti's grave? Bahonar' s? Rajaee' s? Basiji' martyrs? Army , Revolutionary guards' or corps? Ayatollah Taleghani's grave? Those martyrs who were killed in bombings? Those martyrs who were killed by hypocrites, what is the meaning?

All human beings will end up here. plain people, those who had accidents , sick ones, children, middle-aged, old women, old men and those who die normally. Yes, this is the last point. This is the cemetery.
This is Behesht Zahra. All those running from life end up here. But he who came in a good manner, who passed the right way, is the winner. Hamid moved on, there was complete silence because of the mourning. It was really hard to see anyone. There was sun light everywhere. A very heavy breeze was blowing, spring was showing its might in every corner, and specially where the martyr’s graves were. Long pine trees stood up high, umbrella trees, vases with beautiful flowers, green, white, red flags with words “GOD is great”?, “no one except Allah”?, “Ya Hossein”?, “Ya Abolfazl”?, “Ya Mahdi”? on them and the most beautiful of all were the pictures of martyrs who were looking at you, smiling, with their friends, with guns in their hands, by the airplanes, on the tanks, shooting barrels…
Yes! Here Behesht Zahra is always beautiful. Even in rain, snow or cloudy days, at the night or during the day, there is no difference, it's always beautiful. But that day when Hamid entered Behesht Zahra and on the martyr's graves, its beauty was indescribable.

Maybe those who say beauty is everywhere would have a different feeling there. Being overpowered by some kinds of an infatuation, was the way he was feeling. He didn't know whose grave he should visit. Anyone who comes to visit martyr's graves, the first thing that comes to their mind is to visit their family's graves, a friend, some one they knew, or some celebrity, for sure. In Behesht Zahra it was like this too. Those days on martyr's graves some governmental position such as Martyr Beheshti was shining like a bezel of a ring, which attracted every one's attention in first.

But today, Behesht Zahra's guest is a great man who all the world is awaiting to visit.
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