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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:28
They were giving a memorial service to some of martyr combatants in Shahid Motahari School (former Sepahsalar mosque). Hamid (a guy from Darvazeh Ghar locality in Tehran) had taken part in this gathering as respect to his martyred friends. After the gathering was over, as he sat back against that wall, "Hossein" who was one of Hamid`s friends, got his attention. He sat next to him and said: Hamid why are you sitting?
Stand up. Let’s go, everyone's left.
We will go too.
What are you thinking about?
Nothing, he replied
A few moments passed. Hamid said again:
I think there is a dispatch tomorrow, I have decided to go.
Hossein said happily:
Really? He continued "I am coming too."
Hamid stood up and said:
So, let's go to arrange our documents for registration. Both came on to the street. As they were waiting for a taxi, a guy who was on a motorcycle stopped in front of them. It looked like he was working in a automobile repair shop. The way he had dressed showed that. His name was Karim, His two friends got on the motorcycle and moved on. On their way Karim asked.
Where are you going?
Hamid said:
Take me home.
All 3 lived in the same alley, when the motorcycle stopped near Hamid's home, Hamid told Hossein:
Go! take your documents so we could go to BASIJ (mobilization).
Karim asked wonderingly.
Wait a moment, Are you going to the frontlines?
Hamid replied with smile: Yes.
Karim raised his shoulders up and said:
I am coming too.
Hamid said: Karim you have a different situation.
Different? What do you mean by different... I am coming too. I am going to arrange anything that's required.
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