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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:24
They have not left Tehran yet, but Hamid noticed Hossein sitting next to the window and was thinking deeply
Hamid said:
Hossein, what are you thinking about?
Hossein did not say a word, few moments passed and Hamid asked again.
Hossein what's wrong with you?
Nothing… I don't think I'll be able to see these streets again, he said
Hamid found out what was going on and didn't say a word (we have not exaggerated if we assume that he was jealous) Hossein started to write down his memories since the first day they moved. In some pages of his notes he wrote (refer to what he has seen. In the way he was going to): we went to Aboozar garrison in Zahab Bridge directly. This garrison was within the range of enemies artillery and its distance to Zahab bridge is about 10 Km.

This axis (Zahab bridge axis) has been involved in fighting since the beginning of the war. In Bazy Deraz peaks there were always some attacks against the enemy too. On the other hand, the enemy had captured many villages of this region.

Ibrahim is one of my friends who has written on Zahab bridge situation in his letter for that day:

I can not describe what is really happening here by writing. These days the weather is very nice and everywhere is green but it is a very cold winter for sure.

Army vehicles pass very quickly. Sometimes you can hear the sound of heavy cannons. Airplanes are flying over us most of the time. I saw one of the guys who was shot with anti-craft with my own eyes. I can not describe combatant’s feelings. They are all willing to continue the war till the enemy's complete destruction. I have never been in frontlines, I do not know what kind of a place it is but I will be going there soon. When some one comes to frontlines, it’s like a child going to school. He sees the books, classmates, and he will be open minded. Frontline is like a school for combatants, frontline is a place that wakes you up.
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