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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:24
Before managing great attacks against the enemy, there were only small attacks which were done by partisans that were combined simply. The most important and greatest group of all was the sporadic war group of Martyr Chamran. But on different front lines, their leader had managed some of their well equipped attacks on the enemy. This was managed considering their special situations. Sometimes they moved forward by the support of mortar-shell and artillery. In mountains (such as Zahab Bridge) it was obvious that in their front lines, there were no earth fillings and combating forces generally had to settle in head peaks.

Because of this one could easily get to enemy's line in order to beat them and the enemy used mine fields, explosion traps, benzene barrels, canals filled with water and electricity and so on. So, they were trying to use trained partisan groups or at least use intelligence to destroy the enemy.

It was the 2nd day when the guns had arrived in Abozar garrison; the commander asked if there is anyone willing to join the small partisan groups, they could be sent to frontline after passing a short military training course. After being trained and sent to the frontlines, they would be able to act independently.

Hamid and his friends were the first guys who registered. Each volunteer was put in a 4 or 5 member group. Hamid, Jafar, Ibrahim, Hossein and Karim together organized a group and Hamid was chosen as the head of the group.

They began training the same afternoon. They did not believe they were all in this group all specially together; they could even own a separate room. Their concise training course was 3 night battle and two days long, during this period they had to pass all professional units.

Finally, 10 days of training was over and the groups should have been dispatched to the frontline the next day.

That night after having dinner and visiting the mosque, 5 young guys went to their own room. Each one was trying to prepare his personal things so they could set off early morning. But Hamid was reading Koran and did not do anything else. Few moments passed Hamid looked up from reading the Koran and finally said:
Guys sit.
4 young guys circled around him; Hamid moved the Koran to front and said:
I want to tell you guys something, you are free to choose, but this is my decision. Look, nobody asked us to come to the frontlines, we came here because we felt it’s our duty, as we are feeling responsible, we should finish our duty well. I have decided to stay in the frontline, not only for 3 months, but to stay as long as it takes.
I mean I will stay till the war is over
Karim said:
I'll do the same.
Jafar and Ibrahim also said: we'll do the same
Hossein said:
Well, it's a great decision, I also made up my mind before and I have to stay. It doesn't matter how long the war takes
Jafar said:
There is a very important point here. After all this is a war, if one of us is martyred tomorrow and we lose one what shall we do?
Hamid said:
This depends to the guys. But if it is me I will continue to the end, as GOD wishes. I must say that "only becoming martyrs may take us apart, anyone who agrees should swear to GOD."
There was a complete silence that moment and each one had their heads down whispering to themselves. That night passed but no one was able to sleep. Now that a decision as important as this one rose, sleep and convenience had no meaning for them and they should devote their life to GOD honestly and that was all. They started to move on their chosen path steadily that time.
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