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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:19
We reached the frontlines in Goor Seified that afternoon. Goor Seified village was located between two lines; this village was also the best place to knock down the enemy and because of this reason was packed with martyr60-shell all the time. Algharieh's guys slept in different strong holds for the first night and later they began making separate strong holds for themselves. In the morning, the other forces who were settled at the peak, helped them and made a good strong hold for a group of 5 Alghariehis. The next day they started searching in the region with binoculars so, they could attack the enemy if they could find a chance in future nights.

On the 5th night of their arrival they finally managed to have a small attack on the enemy. Because it was their first time in such an operation, Nasser the peak leader was along with them too. As they got closer, all group members had a certain feeling. Ibrahim had a very strange feeling among them. Each moment he began asking, why does time pass so slowly!

The others were surprised by his impatience. All 5 guys prepared their equipment and picked 24 hours stored in their knapsacks, in case they had to stay at the village, any other day they would not have been so hard pressed. Each one of six guys accepted a responsibility Karim was carrying the wireless, Jafar food Knapsack, Ibrahim weapons, Reza RPG rackets, Hamid extra rockets and RPG and Nasser was carrying gun fires. They managed to put all the extra equipment in the village and moved on with light weapons. Finally night came; they prayed in strong holds and ate their food without a pause. It was a summer night so the night seemed to be short and they had no time to waste at all. Each one of them was getting ready to start moving. Ibrahim tested his J3 gun but there was something wrong with his gun and its breechblock was not moving (At that time most of the available light weapons in the front lines were J3 rifles and later Kalashnikovs took their place). Each one of Algharieh's members had a folded J3 guns which had a very high quality too.

Ibrahim pushed and pulled the breech block, but it was obvious that he should open up the gun completely to make sure. He told the problem to Hamid: after a few moments of pause Hamid said,
Go to that strong hold and take Ahmad's gun.

There were 25 meters between the two strong holds. Ibrahim went out of the strong hold, the rest were almost "ready to go" less than 30 seconds passed as Ibrahim had left the strong hold, suddenly whistle of mortar-shell with a great explosion sound was heard. Everyone in the strong hold fell on the ground in reaction to the explosion. it was so hard that it shook the strong hold, the lantern turned off. Gun powder smell, and dust was all over the place. Every one assumed it was mortar 80-shell and it fell a few paces from the strong hold. The explosion sound was not gone from our ears when they heard sound of Allah from the guards who were guarding 30 paces from the strong hold. Hamid and Naser jumped out of strong hold very quickly bare feet. They had not gone so far from the strong hold when they saw Ibrahim's body falling down on a very large rock. Hamid screamed without any control: YA MAHDI…
Jafar, Karim and Hossein came out of the strong hold too, Jafar asked:
Hamid, what happened?
Hamid with tearful eyes said quietly:
Guys! Ibrahim was martyred.

Hamid was right. When Ibrahim got out of the strong hold and walked a few paces, mortar-shell whistle was heard. He had laid on the ground very quickly but the mortar-shall had only 1/2 meter distance with him and threw Ibrahim few meter and he was martyred right away.
They took his torn apart body to the strong hold. His hand and some pieces of his body were missing and they could not find them because of darkness of the night.

"Algharieh's operating group who were attending the front was stopped because of Ibrahim's martyrdom. The next day as the sky was lighted, they found the missing parts of Ibrahim'
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