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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 11:18
If anyone enters Zirkooh village which is 5 Kilometer before on Zahab Bridge, he can see this short writing over a muddy wall of the only coffee house which says: "Algharieh is warning Iraq"

This short writing could be easily read that time. There is a story about this short sentence. It starts with those 5 people stopped for 2 hours in that village while they were going to the frontlines. Some of the combatants have been gathering in front of the coffee house so they also went there too, maybe, so they could meet someone they know in the village. People were still living in their homes in the village even though the village was not so far from the frontlines and it could be knocked with mortar-shell by the enemy. Ibrahim found a color can there only for a joke
Karim asked.
What does it mean?
Jafar said with a laugh:
"Algharieh" is our group's name for sure.
Hamid said:
That's interesting.
All 5 men agreed to name their small group "Algharieh" all of a sudden.
Karim asked Ibrahim jokingly:
"Do you know what "Algharieh" means at all?
Hamid said:
Jafar said:
The name is one of Koran’s chapters.
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